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  The author was present at Al-Aqsa last Friday, himself grazed by an Israeli bullet, and
     witness to another Palestinian shot in the head and killed.  Tomorrow at Al-Aqsa will be
     a test of Palestinian determination against Israeli repression as well as of the strength
     of different factions within Palestinian society.

                      THE CITADEL OF INJUSTICE

                         By Mowafa Househ*

          "It is now time for the Palestinian people to take
          charge of their own future, fate and destiny because
          if it is left to the 'Camp David', the Palestinians
          will be the only losers."

Jerusalem - 10/05 2000:  Palestinian Muslims, Christians, those of 1948 and 1967 joined forces united only under one banner and one ideology - FREEDOM; the Freedom from occupation and the freedom from oppression. Yet these demands as simple as they might sound to you and me have been denied to the Palestinians for over 50 years now. Both the international community and the Arab leaders that are supposed to be in the forefront of the struggle for Palestinian rights and self-determination sit close by as spectators in the citadel of injustice thrilled to see innocent women, men and children slaughtered by the Israelis in this barbaric sport primarily promoted by the citizens of the "Free World" and financed by the leaders of their "Arab-client regimes."

Where are the 250 million Arabs, or the 1.2 billion Muslims that are so desperately needed to help Palestine and its captured people and holy places struggle for justice, equality and freedom?  No one is near; everyone is on
vacation in some other fantasy that they create or one that is created for them.

Seventy-three people, who include children, women and men, are dead as a result of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. Nobody was spared from the Israeli bullet - NO ONE. Where is the United Nations, where
is the Arab League, where are the Muslim organizations, where are the Human rights organizations, as if these institutions do not exist; they have become virtual in their essence during these tense and turbulent times.

I personally have become a witness to murder, yet there are no authorities asking for a statement. It is an open and shut case for those in charge as the "credible" and guilty party pleads "self-defense". No public or private
investigation or inquiry is made or allowed to determine the validity of such a claim; it is taken at face value. Even if a prostitute, a drug-dealer or a thief is murdered, authorities probe an investigation into the cause of
death and make an attempt to find and charge the guilty party. Unfortunately, the Palestinian children, one like Mohammed Al-Dura who died in the arms of his father, are denied this basic right. After all they are Palestinians and their life is not worth the time and effort that a prostitute, a drug-dealer or a thief would receive if the same happened to them.

Tomorrow is Friday, and what will happen on this holy day in the Al-Aqsa mosque is unknown, but if more blood is spilled, the fury of the Palestinian people will erupt and this time there is no looking back. I don't know the
pros or cons to such an event, but I am sure that in the long run the people will be able to do more than what their leaders could offer. It is now time for the Palestinian people to take charge of their own future, fate and
destiny because if it is left to the "Camp David," the Palestinians will be the only losers.

* The author can be reached at Mowafa@MiddleEast.Org

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