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                      BARAK HUMILIATED


                    ARAFAT LITERALLY LOCKED IN

An Israeli correspondent who went with Barak to Paris has spoken about about what really went on in Paris:  "This was a very humiliating night for Barak - no one ever humiliated him like [French President] Chirac and Arafat did last night.  Immediately  after word of an agreement was released in the U.S. Embassy in the middle of the night, Arafat walked out in anger, saying, 'You're not respecting me!'  Albright ran after him, begging him to stay, just like little kids - it was unbelievable!  Arafat didn't stop, so then Albright ordered the gates locked so that he would not be able to get out!  Later, after everyone had left, they then returned again to the Embassy, where they were all supposed to sign the agreement - they were all standing around waiting for Arafat, but it turned out that he simply decided not to show up!  This was a big slap in the face for Albright and the U.S.  Chirac and Arafat worked together against the Americans and Israelis...  Yasser Arafat and U.S. Secretary of State Albright met in Sharm a-Sheikh with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak today - without Prime Minister Barak.  No 'breakthrough' was reported.  Albright has transmitted an 'invitation' to all the negotiating teams to arrive in Washington next Tuesday.


WASHINGTON (Reuters - Oct 5) - The United States closed all its embassies and consulates in the Arab world on Thursday for four or five days for fear of violent demonstrations in support of Palestinians fighting Israeli forces.  The State Department said the missions would stay closed until after the Columbus Day holiday, which some observe on Sunday and some on Monday. Thousands of Syrians stoned the U.S. embassy in Damascus on Wednesday in protest against the killing of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers. Demonstrations against Israel and the United States, its ally, have taken place in other Arab cities.  The State Department said in a public announcement that U.S. Embassy employees had been told not to send their children to school during the four-day or five-day period.
U.S. diplomatic missions in other regions may also restrict their services to the public, the department said. The Tel Aviv embassy and the Jerusalem consulate will be open for essential services only, an official said.
The announcement advised Americans ``to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness to lessen their vulnerability... Americans should maintain a low profile, vary routes and times for all required travel, and treat mail from unfamiliar sources with caution,'' it said. The government issued a ``worldwide caution'' on Wednesday advising Americans everywhere to take care because of possible violence in support of the Palestinians.



Jerusalem Post, 10/5/00- Representatives of Prime Minister Ehud Barak have begun intensive secret negotiations with the Likud over the possible creation of a national unity government, according to a senior Likud source. Likud MK Yehoshua Matza is representing party leader Ariel Sharon in the talks, while Barak has asked his own advisers to deal with the issue, rather than appointing a One Israel minister, according to the source. "Much has been said of the broken dream of the Right for [gaining control over] all of the Land of Israel. Today, we see the broken vision of the Left for a small Land of Israel," said top-ranking Likud MK Silvan Shalom, in reference to the assumption that the inclusion of the Likud in the government would mean an end, at least temporarily, to the current peace process.
   Communications Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said last night the time has come for the formation of an emergency cabinet in light of the violence of the past week. "I believe that we have the best possible team, and the ability to bring change to the people of Israel," he said, referring to the current composition of the government. "With that, I believe that Israel in general, and the [Labor] party in particular, have never encountered times as difficult as these. We must put all our disputes aside and unify.  Therefore, it is important, in my opinion, that in the current situation a national emergency cabinet be established," said Ben-Eliezer. "Arafat lost when he used terrorism, and therefore the time has come to unite and find ways to reach solutions among ourselves," said Ben-Eliezer. He indicated a broader  coalition would try to advance socioeconomic matters instead of peace.



   The LOUD promise was to come back to the Israeli Embassy to demonstrate in greater numbers each day until the killing stops.  On day two, rather than twice as many, they had about half as many.  Today, there was just a fraction of that...maybe 30 or so.
   Now the problem isn't the mostly young students who come out.  They don't know the history of the situation.  They don't know who is really pulling the strings.  They don't know what the ADC and the couple of other Arab American groups are really all about -- "client organizations" manipulated on important matters by the Arab League and the various Ambassadors of the "client regimes".  They are young and upset, and rightly so!
   The problem is the leadership of these organizations that handle things pretty much in the same way the "client regimes" in the region do.  After the killing had gone on for a few days the Arab League met in "emergency session".  The result: a rhetorical condemnation of the Israelis and a call for the United Nations "to investigate".  In other words...the Arab League did nothing at all...didn't even suggest to those countries with diplomatic relations with Israel to at least bring their Ambassadors home for a few days.
   The controlled Arab American groups, ADC in the lead, do much the same here in Washington.  They wait for pressures to build, then they arrange to let off a little steam in ways that serious people don't take seriously, not even themselves.  They exploit the legitimate concerns and energies of those who want to do something by arranging ways for the energy to be drained away, by arranging completely non-threatening ways that never go to the heart of the issue and never criticize the Arab regimes who are really co-responsible for what is happening.
   It was seven years ago now that the founder of ADC, former Senator James Abourezk, called a secret meeting of the Board of Directors and advised everyone that he thought it was time for ADC to close down.  But that's not what happened.  Instead, the Arab Ambassadors and the business friends of the regimes found ways to keep ADC alive but on a very short political leash after the Gulf War.  That's the origins of the take-over of ADC by the Maksoud's, Clovis on pension from the Arab League, Hala needing something to do during the day and a title to append to her name.
   For more information on all this, important because Washington itself is so important these days in all matters Middle Eastern, go to the MER search engine and type in the names of organizations and people of interest -- http://www.MiddleEast.Org/search.htm

   Oh yes, one other important Washington note.  Remember Martin Indyk, U.S. Embassador to Israel who had his security clearance pulled and was told to stand by in Washington while the investigation proceeded.  Well Madeleine let him go to Israel for the Jewish holidays, against the wishes of the security people and against the established procedures.  And, in recent days, wouldn't you know it, Madeleine has now given him special permission to get back involved in the "peace process", though he's supposed to not even go to his office in the Embassy without an escort!

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