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MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 10/06/00:
   Repression has always been a hallmark of the Hashemite regime in Amman.  Installed by the British in the 1920s - it is a regime that has always marched to the drumbeat of the Western countries that financed it, armed it, and kept it in power.  Secret agreements between King Abdullah and the Zionist movement made it possible for a Jewish State to become reality a few decades later.  And the current King, as his father before him, has been working very closely with the Americans and Israelis to bring about the "apartheid peace" which would further divide and control the Palestinians and thus at the same time help keep the Hashemite clan on the throne across the river in Amman.  Those interested in the detailed early history of all this can refer to COLLUSION ACROSS THE JORDAN by Prof. Avi Schlaim, even though since writing the book there has also been some collusion between the author and his subjects.
   Reports keep coming in that Barak's promises to "restrain" his army were little more than public relations ploys for the cameras.  The Palestinian areas have been "sealed", at least until Monday.  What this essentially means is that Palestinians are kept on their "reservations" even more than usual.  Jerusalem has been closed to Palestinians trying to get there for Friday prays.  And from Deheishe camp near Bethehem comes a report that Israeli snipers -- essentially high-tech "death squads" -- are even more active than usual.
   The more detailed eyewitness report that follows is from Amman.  While our approach and terminology differ from that of the author we believe it vitally important to let dedicated and thoughtful people present their views in their own words through their own experiences.  In this case what is happening in Amman and other Arab capitals is a very important part of the overall "peace process", and this article is particularly insightful.  For past articles about Jordan and the Hashemites use the MER search capability at http://www.MiddleEast.Org/merx.htm.

(Deheishe Refugee Camp near Bethlehem - by Muna Hamzeh-Muhaisen - 5 Oct):
  Israeli snipers stationed in an uninhabited 7-storey building near the Beit Jala Tunnel shot two Palestinians from Dheisheh as they were standing by the side of the road.  No other people were around and nothing was hapenning in the area. Neither young Palestinian was armed.
  Mustafa Farajeh, 22, was shot twice in the chest with high-velocity bullets and in the right arm. He died of his wounds. His photo on TV - broadcast just now - is really horrific. His arm is cut wide open and you
can see the bone and it is all charred. One of the bullets in his chest is quite wide.
  The other person shot is...Akram Shafout,21, and he is in critical condition with a shot in the chest.
  Bethlehem TV is broadcasting warnings to residents of the Bethlehem area to stay away from the Rachel Tomb area and away from all areas in the district where there is close contact with Israelis. The reason is that Israeli army snipers and Israeli undercover units have heavily spread on numerous rooftops...apparently ready to kill
more people tonight.  Some local correspondents have been predicting a bad day for Bethlehem today, with one radio reporter saying this morning that the Israelis will commit a massacre in Bethlehem tonight following the shooting death of one Israeli soldier in Beit Sahour a few nights ago, plus the injury of nine soldiers during armed clashes in Beit Sahour a few days ago and in Bethlehem last night.  Young guys are walking around the camp with loudspeakers announcing the death of Mustafa Fararjeh.  Hundreds of people are at the Beit Jala Government Hospital waiting to hear news of Akram Shafout's condition. And just now on Bethlehem TV, armed clashes just erupted in Beit Sahour.


                       By Ibrahim Alloush

 AMMAN  10/05/00:
 This evening in Amman I witnessed Jordanian security forces intercept
 and savagely attack demonstrators headed for the Zionist embassy in al
 Rabiyeh.  Tear gas was used by anti-riot police, and the demonstrators
 responded with stones.  Several women were clubbed ferociously on the
 face.  Security was swinging clubs indiscriminantly at the
 demonstrators who scattered then regrouped at a distance and started
 chanting: "Why?  Why are you protecting the Zionists? Why?"

 Several thousand demonstrators departed from the compound of the Union
 of Professional Associations in Amman towards the Zionist Embassy after
 getting frustrated with the tendency of opposition leaders to just
 talk, talk, and the talk some more about the crimes being committed by
 Zionists in Palestine.  At the end of the rally, a well-known Jordanian
 Islamic opposition figure announced from behind the microphone that the
 rally was all there is to the protest, as if to dissociate himself from
 the crowd that was breaking out of the compound towards the enemy's

 Throughout the boring speeches, including one by a former prime
 minister, the audience was steadily growing restless.  A Myriad of
 groups would interrupt the speeches with chanting calling for an
 immediate closure of the Zionist embassy in al Rabiyeh, Amman.  They
 would say: "No embassy, no ambassadors!  Al Rabiyeh needs to be
 liberated, from Zionist filth!".

 Then these groups got together and broke out towards the street.  Most
 of the rest of the attendants of the rally followed.  Few hundreds
 turned into few thousands and people passing by started joining.  The
 chants indicated that the protesters were rank and file Islamists,
 nationalists, leftists, and others who were disillusioned with the
 flimsiness of the official opposition.  There were also supporters of
 Hamas, Fateh, and everything else one can imagine.

 As the demonstration tried to turn right towards the al Rabiyeh, where
 the enemy embassy is located, it was blocked by the security apparatus
 at each turn.  Hence, the demonstration kept going down the road until
 the road ended and there was no choice but to turn either right or
 left.  At that point the demonstrators formed an arrowhead and flew
 like a magic carpet through the blocks and the chain that security had
 formed.  Two or three hundred just ran up across the block to the
 dismay of the forces of oppression.  Maybe less than two minutes later,
 before the rest of the demonstration had had the chance to team up with
 the two or three hundred in the front, massive reinforcements in
 armored vehicles sped ahead of the demonstrators, intercepted them at
 the front, blocked them from the rest of the demonstration at the back,
 then turned on them like junkyard dogs.  Only a trickle from the body
 of the demonstration managed to get through.

 With the exception of Laith Shubeilat there was not a single opposition
 leader in the fray.  In fact, his wife was clubbed on the face.
 Members of a leftist student group who were carrying a huge red flag
 with two photos of Ernesto Che Guevara in the middle were beaten
 savagely.  Supporters of Hamas were chanting Allahu Akbar (God is
 Greater!).  One of them was screaming at the security because they were
 beating up a pregnant housewife who had joined the demonstration.  They
 responded by turning on him.

 In fact, I did not see the pregnant woman getting beaten, because one
 can hardly see everything when one is thrashed sideways on the
 sidewalk, but I did see the man screaming at security for beating the
 pregnant woman, and I did see several people limping, including many
 women and children, and helped carry one of the wounded outside the
 area.  To be fair though, while the wounded man I clasped was still
 sitting on the ground holding his head, an officer came for us again,
 swaying a club.  But when people screamed: "A wounded man, a wounded
 man.", the officer simply stepped over us to go for somebody else.  In
 the meantime, several veiled women who were cornered in the entrance of
 a building were screaming and protesting their heads off.  One of the
 bizarre things that happened while this was going on was how a petite
 woman demonstrator started eating a piece of chocolate when one of the
 security hound dogs came for her.  He raised his club, but she said
 very calmly: "Look, I have a very low blood-sugar level, and if you
 beat me now, I might faint..".  Dumfounded, he left her alone, and so
 she strolled back slowly in the midst of the battlefield towards

 In short, Jordanian security forces are oppressing Jordanians and
 Palestinians violently when they do more than talk, or more than walk
 in the designated areas already agreed upon with opposition leaders
 aspiring for a ministerial position or an important government post.

 Yesterday, a demonstration of about one thousand few hundred departed
 from the University of Jordan towards the Zionist embassy.  That one
 was also intercepted, blocked, and diverted at the Athletic City
 Circle.  Also yesterday, groups of about one hundred and fifty middle
 schoolers managed to make it to the Zionist embassy just close enough
 to hurl a few good stones at it.  Those kids were savagely assaulted.
 Several of them were hospitalized for wounds and broken bones,
 especially in the arms they used to hurl the stones.  Those among them
 checked into hospitals are: Mayce Shawaheen, Raja'ee Shawaheen,
 Muhammad Omar, Sahhel Soueiffan, Ali Beni Hani, Oulla Al'a Eddin, Jawad
 El Moussa, Noor Eddin Hassan, Mohammad Abou Hudaib, Mohammad Ssyakhi,
 and Mohammad Friej.  All in all, these add up to just eleven young
 heroes to shame Arab leaders.

 The saga was repeated earlier today too as a group of High Schoolers
 and University students tried to sneak it to the Zionist Embassy, but
 actually could not.  Those were just clubbed on the arms and the legs.
 A participant in that demo was holding her left elbow as she came to
 the evening rally (that turned later into a spontaneous demo), and by
 the time that was finished, she was also limping.  In that state, she
 joined the few hundred who went back to the Union of Professional
 Associations to chant protests against the all-bark-no-bite, lame-tame,
 wishy-washy, and yellow-mellow speakers at the rally held there
 earlier, but those 'nice guys' already gone home!  The wounded man I
 had helped refused to go to the hospital choosing instead to dizzily
 join the aforementioned protest.

 The way I see it, there are two mighty barriers between Zionists and
 the Arab masses: one is the Arab regimes, and two is the second defense
 line made up of opportunistic opposition leaders and intellectuals who
 spew out great anti-Zionist rhetoric, but who take the wrong stand on
 the issues, abort mass-movements, and cut secret deals behind the
 scenes, all in the name of flexibility, "realism", and whatever.

 To annihilate the Zionists, which can be easily done if we can bypass
 the two barriers delineated above, we need to find ways to bypass Arab
 regimes and the opportunists among us.. which can also be done, even
 though not necessarily as easily.  [Just in case I'm misunderstood,
 note that 'bypass' is not necessarily the same thing as breaking things

 * The author can be reached at Ibrahim@MiddleEast.Org


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