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                     THE FIRE OF WAR RAGES


MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 10/09/00:
   Even if he wanted to obey General Barak's orders, which he probably does in fact, Yasser Arafat is unable to do so under today's circumstances.  The fire is already out of control.  The biggest reinforcements are already  arriving -- the U.N. Secretary-General, the Russian Foreign Minister, the American President standing by. Attrocities are taking place on both sides, but there is no real moral equivalent here for one party has been occupying the other with a brutal and omni-present military occupation for decades, with all kinds of torture and sadistic practices; the other party is essentially defenseless and has been terribly brutalized and repeatedly provoked for many years.  Moreover there is no equality of scale not even close -- the great majority of the attrocities and pogroms are committed by Israelis, oftentime with the unofficial help of the police and the army.  It is these realities that caused the U.N. Security Council to vote 14-0-1 (abstention) to condemn Israel alone.
   The following news just in from the Islamic Association for Palestine which receives reports directly from the occupied territories.  Terror from Jewish settlers and the Israeli army is spreading even as Barak's time "ultimatum" is reached.  Even if the Palestinian leadership wanted to comply, under these circumstances it is very doubtful they could successfully restrain the quite understandable wrath of the Palestinian people.
   Yesterday's report that the Israeli settler killed by Palestinians was a relative of Senator Joseph Lieberman came from a "Breaking News" newsflash from Israel's leading newspaper, Ha'aretz, even though there is some question about the information which is said to have come from Settler groups themselves originally, or as to whether Senator Lieberman has been aware of such relatives.


                           By Khalid Amayreh

Occupied Jerusalem: 9 October/00, (IAP) - In a gruesome crime reminiscent Nazi atrocities during World War II, paramilitary Jewish settlers today abducted a Palestinian farmer from his olive orchard, took him to their
nearby settlement, bludgeoned him to death with clubs and axes and then set him on fire.

His charred remains were shown on the Palestinian Television at noon Monday.

Sources in Ramallah said the settlers, armed with Uzi submachine guns abducted Isam Judeh Mustafa Hamed, 47, in early morning hours Monday while picking olive on his olive orchard at the village of Um Saffa near Ramalla.

They reportedly forced him into an awaiting car at gun point.

At 10 o'clock local time (7:00 am GMT), villagers found his charred and mutilated body dumped at the roadside.

Earlier on Monday, two more Palestinian villagers were murdered by marauding Jewish settlers who have apparently received a green light from the Barak government to carry out the wanton killing.

The Jews today are observing Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement, considered the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.


Hebron (West Bank): 9 October/00 - IAP - Paramilitary Jewish settlers, armed
with automatic rifles, axes, and clubs, went on the rampage in Hebron for
the third consecutive night, smashing the windshields of Arab cars and
firing heavily on Arab windows.

"It is a crystal Night*," said Dr. Taysir Zahdeh, a gynecologist,  several
windows of his home were smashed.

"It is not only the smashed glass, there is also the terror that
accompanies the bullets piercing the windows," he said.

According to Palestinian sources in Hebron, over thirty  Palestinian cars
were vandalized or destroyed by the marauding settlers, who were carrying
out their orgy in the full view of Israeli soldiers.

At Tel al Rumeida, a hilltop overlooking Bab El-Zawiya,  the main
thoroughfare in down-town Hebron,  the settlers attacked shops and
shopkeepers, with stones and clubs.

However, when some Palestinians sought to fight back, using  stones and
empty glass bottles, both the settlers and  Israeli army soldiers began
firing toward, on, and eventually at the Palestinians.

The marauding settlers then moved to "Tarik Yatta" where they indulged in
much the same thing.

"They shoot in all directions….as if they want to tell us to leave or else
they will kill us," said Muhammed Abu Sneineh, a plasterer.

The settlers are viewed here as particularly nefarious because, in the
words of Dr. Yousef Sharawi, head of the government hospital in Hebron, the
evil they are capable of doing has no limits."

"They simply think that killing a non-Jew, especially an Arab is a great,
charitable and gracious deed…their slogan is …the best of the
gentiles…kill'em." (end)

(*NOTE - This is a reference to the famous 1938 Nazi pogrom against the
Jews in the days leading up to World War II)

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