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MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 10/11:
Tensions continue to grow throughout the Middle East.  Bill Clinton and Kofi Annan are now working overtime,
in coordination primarily with Israel, trying to prevent a political conflict that they thought they could control from becoming a religious conflict that could result in regional confligration.  Even in Saudi Arabia, a country firmly in the American camp with a client regime that has even allowed American military forces and the CIA to operate permanently from its territory -- and whose Washington Ambassador is known for his close contact with the Israelis -- the situation is becoming flamable.  Feeling the heat Crown Prince Abdullah felt the need to issue a public warning to Israel a few days ago that "he Arab world would not stand by" if Israel again invades Lebanon.  But then of course the Crown Prince's credibility on such matters is extremely limited, even more so that that of Yasser Arafat or Hosni Mubarak.  Even so, these two brief articles from the Saudi media.  Plus the latest update about Israeli terror against Palestinians form the The Union of Palestinian Medical Relief  Committees.


Oct. 11 - Yesterday's Al Hayat Newspaper reported on its front page that
Essam Muhammad, 40 years old with 5 children was going from his village Om
Safi to Ramallah when he was stopped by the Israeli soldiers who burnt his
eyes with cigarettes butts and broke his skull piece by piece!! When
finally found him at a morgue, his brother saw that all his body was
inflated and brutally tortured.  NOTE:  AL-HAYAT is owned and controlled
by the Saudi Royal Family.


Makka al Mukaramma (Saudi Arabia): 10 October - Sheikh Muhammad ibn
Abdullah Al Subail, Imam and Khatib (Friday prayers' speaker) of the
Grand Mosque in Makah, called on Muslims worldwide to adopt jihad to stop
Zionist oppression and carnage against the Palestinians.

Subail evoked several verses from the Holy Qor'an, which permites the
oppressed and the aggressed upon to fight back oppressors and aggressors.

"The Zionists  make use of every chance to clash with Muslims to shed their
blood and violate their honor and destroy their properties. They dared to
burn Al-Aqsa Mosque to disdain Islam's sacred places ,"  the imam told the
tens of thosuands of worshipers Monday.

The Saudi religious leader said it was incumbent every Muslim man and woman
to do whatever possible to launch a Jihad against the enemies of God and
Islam and humanity."

Saudi Arabia religious leaders seldom make political statments, espcially
when such statements happen to be critical to the Saudi ruling family and
its friends, espcially the United States.

Last week, the northern Saudi town of Jouf witnessed a large anti-Israeli

Eyewitness reported that protesters torched Israeli flags and demanded that
their government sever ties with Israel's strategic ally, the United States.


October 11, 2000, 5:00 PM

Yesterday, Israeli Forces destroyed another house near Netzarim in Gaza.
Thus far, approximately 100 furnished apartments have been leveled in this
area, leaving scores of families homeless.  About 37 Jewish settlers live
in the Netzarim settlement, the scene of some of the worst Israeli attacks
on Palestinians since September 29.

About 100 unarmed civilians were injured yesterday in clashes near
Ramallah, three seriously.  Raed Hammoudeh, age 30, was hit in the head by
a rubber-coated steel bullet.  The bullet entered one side of his skull and
exited out the other, passing completely through his brain.  He spent more
than 5 hours in the operating theatre and is still in very critical
condition.  Ashraf Ghaled Muhammed, age 20, was also hit in his head with a
rubber-coated steel bullet and sustained a depressed skull fracture.
23-year-old Ahmad Hassan Kohli was hit by a high-velocity exploding bullet
in his femur and sustained extensive injuries.

Yesterday in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip, a nine-year-old boy was killed when
Israeli soldiers fired a live round into his head.  Today a young man from
Tulkarem died after he was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers.

Jewish settlers continue attacking unarmed Palestinian civilians.  Mr.
Jammal Awad from Turmus Ayya, a village near Ramallah, was critically
injured in a car accident when he lost control of his vehicle after being
hit in the head with a stone thrown by a settler from Shilo.

UPMRC physician Dr. Jamil Hammad was attacked by settlers near Nablus.
They threw stones at his car.  Dr. Hammad managed to escape to a nearby
Arab village with minor injuries.

The UPMRC first aid teams in Ramallah completely depleted their supply of
first aid equipment yesterday while treating over 100 injured victims.  Two
of our volunteers were also shot with rubber-coated steel bullets.

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