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 Ramallah, 11:57am Thursday, October 12, 2000

Radio Bethlehem 2000 just reported that 4 men from an Israeli under
cover unit had managed to slip between marchers in Ramallah at 10:15
a.m inside Zone A. Their identity was discovered by marchers and guns
with silencers were found on them. They reports say they were taken to
the Ramallah police station where angry Palestinians marched in, took
2 of them out and killed them. Ramallah has apparently turned into a
ghost town.......dangerous deterioration in the situation.
And now there are reports that the Israelis are flying over
Ramallah....and reports that the city might be bombed

 Ramallah, 12:10pm Thursday 12 October

Three Israelis, it is not known if undercover units or settlers were
apprehended by Palestinian police in center of Ramallah near the
Ramallah Boys Friends School. They were carrying explosives.
The three were beaten by protestors and their car was burnt.
Palestinian police have advised residents to evacuate the center
of Ramallah and 4 Israeli Apache Cobra helicopters are currently
circling low over the centre of the city.

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