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JERUSALEM - 10/04 - 5:30pm
In Gaza, reports have just confirmed that both Muhammad Yousef Abu 'Assi, 13 years old, from Beni Suhaila, Khan Younis, died from live ammunition to his chest, and Ayman Deeb Al Louh, 21 years old, from Gaza died at Netzarim.  Clashes continue at Netzarim Junction.  At approximately 5:30 PM, helicopters shot down at civilians around the Netzarim Junction and launched rockets at Palestinian neighborhoods in the area.  Reports from Gaza state that Israeli troops are firing at protesters using guns with silencers.  Thus far, 13 serious injuries have been reported, a number of which are critical, with more expected.  Eyewitnesses state that tanks and additional Israeli troops are being deployed at nearby Israeli settlements.  Apartments and neighborhoods in the Beit Hanoun area are presently being evacuated of civilians.

In Ramallah and Al Bireh, clashes were renewed this afternoon after the funeral of Mahmoud Amwasi, killed last night. The situation remains tense as clashes continue at the northern entrance of Ramallah.  As a result of clashes, 15 injuries from live ammunition have been reported, one in critical condition.  'Ala Ihsein Da'oud Jaber (Barghouthi), 24 years old, from 'Aboud village, Ramallah was shot and killed by live ammunition to his chest.  Eyewitness report that Israeli troops were shooting at protesters using guns with silencers.  No shots were heard throughout the clashes.

In Bethlehem, a peaceful march of religious leaders, Christian and Muslim, was met by gunfire from Israeli soldiers at Bilal Mosque (Rachel's Tomb), resulting in 10 serious injuries.  Clashes are ongoing on the outskirts of Beit Jala and at Bilal Mosque, in addition to the eastern borders of Beit Sahour.  In Tqu' Village, near
Bethlehem, clashes are continuing, with the village currently under siege by Israeli troops.

In Hebron, clashes renewed in the city, while the Israeli imposed curfew on Israeli controlled parts of Hebron continues from yesterday afternoon.  Clashes were renewed in Halhoul, after the funeral of Muhammad Al Zama'ari, who died yesterday from his injuries.  Heavy clashes continue on the outskirts of Sa'ir village.  In Samu', an Israeli settler ran down with his car five Palestinian pedestrians.  The five were reported to have sustained serious injuries.  In all, in the Hebron area, 43 injuries have been reported, 14 of which were sustained from live ammunition, with 3 in critical condition.  Reports state that several Palestinian houses have been raided and forced evacuations have taken place to transform the homes into Israeli military outposts.  Settlers have also been raiding Palestinian homes and attacking residents.

In Tulkarem, clashes continue near Khadoureh College, on the outskirts of Tulkarem, after the funeral of Hussam Al Hamsheh, who died yesterday.  Eyewitnesses report that Israeli troops are using guns with silencers to shoot at protesters, resulting in at least six serious injuries.  There are also clashes in the nearby village of

In Jenin, clashes were renewed in the afternoon within the city and surrounding villages.  27 injuries have been reported thus far from Jenin, one of which is extremely critical as a result of live ammunition to his head and has been transferred to Ramallah hospital.

In the nearby town of Ya'bad, 2 critical injuries were reported as a result of clashes.  Israeli troops have invaded the village of Silit al Thaher, and are conducting a mass arrest campaign.  Clashes are currently taking place in the village of Sannour near an Israeli military training post,.

In Nablus, clashes were renewed again late in the afternoon near Joseph's tomb, with snipers shooting from nearby mountains, resulting in five serious injuries.  The clashes have calmed down somewhat, but remain tense.

In Qalqilya, clashes are presently taking place, with six serious injuries reported so far.

In Salfit and its surrounding villages of Bidia, Kuful Harres, and Deir Istya, clashes are presently taking place, in which settlers are participating alongside Israeli soldiers.  Israeli soldiers are also using guns with silencers to shoot at protesters.  Several serious injuries have been reported so far.  One is reported to be in
extremely critical condition from injuries to his head from shrapnel from what may be a hand grenade thrown at protesters.

In Jerusalem, the mass arrest campaign that has been taking place throughout the week has resulted in a total of over 350 Palestinians arrested, according to reports from various human rights organizations and the Orient House.  In East Sawahri and Tur Mountain, clashes were renewed today after the funeral of Muhammad Fawzi, who died last night in Beitunia.  Several injuries were reported, including one journalist who was seriously injured and transferred to Tel Hashumer hospital in Jerusalem.  Mass arrests followed the incident.

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