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Thu, 09 Oct 1997:

MER - Madeleine Albright's recent inaugural tour of the Middle East has nearly faded from press memory.  But make no mistake about it, the American empire is now working overtime to buttress the "client regimes" in the region and to resuscitate what we will from now on term the "Apartheid peace process."  As a result of Albright's visits, the following quotes were heard from key Arab leaders in the region.

We couldn't resist adding a bit of MER commentary!

"Netanyahu is not separated from the interest of the majority of the Israelis, which is peace.  We all want to see Israel in peace and not in pieces."

                       Nabeel Shaath
                       Key Arafat architect of "peace process"
                       "Minister for International Planning"

[MER - Clever Nabeel.  But all that time you are spending partying and doing business with the Israelis has truly warped your understanding of the situation.  It's occupied Palestine that is in more pieces than ever Nabeel -- and its partly thanks to you.  And furthermore, please, don't think we've forgotten that it was only a months ago that even your own Palestinian Legislative Assembly called for your indictment and trial for gross corruption and the theft of many millions from the Palestinian people.  Is it that you think statements like this will guarantee you exile and pension in the U.S. one day?]

"I think that there is a positive development on the side of the American government, despite... Israeli influence in the United States."

                      Esmat Abdel Meguid,
                      Secretary-General of the Arab League

[MER - Esmat, under your "leadership" of the Arab League the U.N. looks bold and independent in comparison!  What a patsy you seem to have become.  No doubt you're desperate to keep your job after seeing what the Americans did to your friend Boutros, even though he tried so hard to do nearly all that the Americans wanted him to do -- but not quite enough it seems.]

"Egypt's justice system is one of the most honest and fair in the world."

                      Hosni Mubarak,
                      President of Egypt
[MER - Now you really are letting your role as President go to your head Hosni.  You run a police state where corruption, repression, and censorship have never been greater.  Your own family members are right in the thick of it all, which is why you have threatened to close any publications that write about it.
Indeed, all of the following are censored in today's "honest and fair" Egypt Hosni:

* Reporting on human rights abuses.
* Criticizing the President or his family.
* Criticizing the military.
* Reporting about ill-treatment of Egyptians in "friendly" Arab countries - most especially in Saudi Arabia.
* Discussing modern interpretations of Islam.
* Reporting about discrimination against Coptic Christians.
As for your "justice" system, if you are referring to the emergency military courts that have increased in power for the past twenty years, you are either completely ignorant or having delusions of Pharohhood.]

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