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June 1998
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Quote of the Week:


MER - Washington - 26 June:

Could it be one of Arafat's top spokesmen is reading MER these days? The Arafat folk sure have squandered much valuable time and money coming to the same conclusions MER has been pointing out for quite awhile now. A few days ago Ahmed Abdul Rahman, Secretary of the "Palestinian Authority", had the following on Voice of Palestine radion about the "Oslo Peace Process":

"The peace process is only an illusion...".   It is a "sleeping potion" and a "duping of the Palestinian people designed to stop the intifada".

Meanwhile, the former Legal Adviser of the Israel Foreign Ministry and one of the senior Israelis responsible for drawing up the Oslo Accords, Joel Singer, said on Voice of Israel radio the same day, when questioned about Arafat's intention to "upgrade" the "PA's" status at the U.N.:

"I have no doubts...that it would be a violation of the [Oslo] agreement and not just a minor violation  but a most fundamental violation of the accord. I have repeatedly said that if the Palestinian side were to declare a Palestinian state or initiate any process whose intention would be to bring about the upgrading of the status of the autonomy at the United Nations to the status of a state, then this would be a flagrant violation of the agreement, a violation so fundamental that it would permit Israel to consider the adoption of very harsh steps in response."




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