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June 1998
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Attorney General Janet Reno spoke at the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination

Committee Washington conference a few weeks ago. FBI Director Louis Freeh spoke to the American Muslim Council on Friday. And William Clinton, President of the USA, spoke to the Arab American Institute (that's Zogby and Company) last month.

None of these organizational gatherings actually represents significant membership or influence around the country. The only group among these that even has a grass-roots following is ADC, and it is extremely weak politically and very badly lead. Incidentally, though not purposefully Muslim in orientation, ADC did have Muslim prayers on the official program this year, led by none other than the AMC's Founder Abdulrahman Alamoudi. Indeed, most of these Washington- based Arab and Muslim groups represent political incest at its worst; constantly praising and handing out awards to each other. And just like biological incest such conditions lead to, and perpetuate, major weaknesses and deformities.

And none of these speeches by senior U.S. Government officials had any particular content to them or any particular domestic political significance. In each case the Washington politicians were using the organizations that invited them far more than being used themselves. Such photo ops are important these days, projecting an image of American "fairness" and "even-handedness" when in fact nothing of the kind is actually taking place.

The overall reality is that the U.S., Israel, and client Arab-regimes are all very much in bed with each other these days; a reality significantly enhanced since the Gulf War and the Madrid-Oslo "Peace Process" that followed in its wake. It's a very self-serving alliance meant to retain American domination of the crucial Middle East region while allowing Israeli sub-control, both militarily and economically. Those regimes and organizations willing to cooperate and do what they are told are welcomed and rewarded; everyone else is disregarded or pushed under.

With the AMC still meeting this weekend at the Hilton Hotel near National Airport, these previously published "Washington Scene" articles that follow -- and which we promised to reprint in June because of the stepped up attempts by some of the "client organizations" to censor and slander MER -- take on added significance:

Washington Scene: 26 May


"Amazingly, MSANEWS is now circulating to American Muslims Press Releases from King Fahd in Saudi Arabia while censoring MER articles about what's really going on!"


The real losers are the Muslims themselves all around the USA who in the end are deprived of the real information they need -- especially about their own organizations and what is really going on in Washington. Information is power; and lack of honest, forthright, difficult to obtain information is one of the reasons the Muslims collectively remain so weak and practically helpless in the USA.

Apparently MER is increasingly doing its job well -- for this job cannot be done properly without coming up against those who try to manipulate and mislead through every means everyone involved with the Middle East, including controlling what information they easily have access to.

The Muslim Student Association News (MSANEWS) is portrayed as a mechanism to inform concerned Muslims about politics and the Middle East via the Internet. But increasingly MSANEWS has become a kind of propagandistic bulletin board service for Muslim and Arab American organizations sending out misleading and self-serving press releases, with heavy manipulation from those association with Jim Zogby and the "Arab-American Institute" (AAI) and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC).

Indeed, after repeated assurances from MSANEWS that censorship would not be taking place, those monitoring MSANEWS for MER discovered that key articles in the past few months dealing with "The Washington Scene" (including articles mentioning what is really going on behind the scenes regarding ADC and AAI and the "Peace Process") have been censored by MSANEWS. Amazingly, MSANEWS is now circulating Press Releases from King Fahd in Saudi Arabia to American Muslims while censoring MER about what's really going on both in the Middle East and in Washington!

Washington Scene - Muslim Organizations (29 May):


"I came to the conclusion many years ago that Arafat, Hussein, Fahd, Mubarak and other leaders are not totally responsible for our problems. The majority of sheikhs, imams and other Muslim 'leaders' are actually the reason for Arab and Muslim problems."

- Ali Baghdadi
Publisher, Arab Journal (5/27/98)


Muslim organizations in the USA use to be centered around the local mosques and dealing primarily with social and religious issues in their communities. But for a variety of reasons -- including the rise of Muslim movements in the Middle East and the failure of secular Arab institutions both in the region as well as in the USA -- in recent years a number of Muslim organizations have set up shop in Washington and Muslim students have become active on the internet.

In the Washington community itself, the Saudis working in tandem with other Arab countries, long ago took over the local Washington mosque, quickly ending its useful, but threatening, independent existence. Still to this day more than 15 years later, those who were thrown out of the Mosque, included the only elected Imam, Mohamed al-Asi, can be seen praying on Fridays on the sidewalk across the street from the Mosque on Massachusetts Avenue. It was a battle of integrity and independence against the Arab "client regimes"; and corruption, money, and the power they bring prevailed as is increasingly the case in contemporary Washington.

As for the "Muslim" organizations that have been expanding their presence in Washington in recent years, the following is a short summary:

AMC - American Muslim Council: By far the most co-opted of the new organizations, AMC's upcoming conference in Washington next month could have been approved at the Saudi Embassy (it probably was!). None other than "Uncle Jim" -- Jim Zogby of the "Arab-American Institute" (AAI) -- is working closely with AMC these days. Zogby is trying desperately to infiltrate and control the American Muslim community just as he has done with some success to the Arab-American community -- all on behalf of the Arab "client regimes" and some say the American intelligence community. In short, the close alliance between former Ex. Dir. Abdurahman Alamoudi who set up AMC, and Zogby, has fatally flawed AMC making it a "client organization" that should be shunned, not attended.

MPAC - Muslim Public Affairs Council: MPAC is primarily the outgrowth of wealthy establishment Arab-Americans in California who have never shown much political sophistication or courage, and who always trail behind coming forward only when it becomes clear what is politically correct at the moment. MPAC now has a small Washington office but is nearly totally subsumed in the American capital by the other groups. Bottom Line: MPAC is always far too little, far too late, much too self-serving -- and that's by purposeful design, the well-healed California crowd always waiting to see which way the wind is blowing, what is in it for them, and what government official they can next get their picture taken with as an excuse to visit Washington one more time to hobnob with the powerful.

CAIR - Council on American-Islamic Relations: Not nearly as co-opted as AMC, but at a heavy price. CAIR is nearly always outflanked by AMC and left to handle matters that are relatively easy, not very controversial, and not very big-league political -- i.e., not very important. CAIR does have something of a grassroots following, unlike the other groups which are top-heavy in the extreme; but caters to internal and local concerns rather than to the big really important matters of the day. Executive Director Nihad Awad may mean well as many say; but he's outgunned and outclassed at practically every turn that matters.

MSANEWS - Muslim Student Association News (on the Internet): Many Muslim students around the country have become affiliated with MSA and many are well-meaning and dedicated. It's just that they are badly lead, oftentimes exceedingly naive, far too often informationally misguided, and usually politically lost in the woods. As for MSANEWS, though the product of considerable hard work, in short it has become an effort way, WAY, over its head politically while more and more co-opted and manipulated by others, including the very same organizations and personalities who have so infected and corrupted the secular Arab organizations, and ironically, by a few of the disguised Zionist organizations as well. Moreover, MSANEWS is terribly hamstrung by its own internal divisions and contradictions, contributing little original information, providing no leadership, but taking the easy way out by having learned to hit the resend button.

UASR - United Association for Studies and Research. Headquartered in a small office building in the Virginia suburbs this little organization, usually thought of as affiliated informally with Hamas and related organizations, desperately tries to put out a few publications, hold a few meetings, and sends it representatives, primarily Ahmed Yusef, around Washington to lunch with others. It was this organization that deported to Jordan Hamas Leader Musa Abu Marzook was affiliated with. Overall UASR is insignificant on the Washington scene though what some of those associated with it might be doing behind the scenes is hard to fathom.




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