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August 1998 
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MER - Washington - 26 August:

One day maybe there will be a Middle East "Truth and Reconciliation Commission", a la that in post-apartheid, multi-racial South Africa. But at the moment, one of the greatest ironies of contemporary times  is that while the Apartheid of South Africa was boycotted by the world and eventually brought down, the neo-apartheid the Palestinians are subjected to the Israeli occupied territories, is not only tolerated, but in many cases applauded and financed!

Meanwhile in South Africa Archishop Desmond Tutu, head of the South African Commission still investigating and exposing the crimes of the apartheid era, has come upon documents said to point to a Western plot to kill U.N. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold in 1961!

Hammarjkold and 15 others were killed when his plane crashed in Northern Rhodesia (today known as Zambia) where he was flying to attempt to bring an end to the Congolese civil war. Very suspicious indeed!

Tutu says he "cannot authenticate" the documents, nor is doing so the work of his Commission. But its not likely Tutu would have made this information public if he didn't believe the new evidence to be credible and important.

Will the U.N. itself have the fortitude to investigate itself?

Not likely. Remember how it handled Qana just two years ago. And remember what happened to Boutros-Ghali when he made half-hearted and feeble attempts to pretend to U.N. independence even in word, if not in action.



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