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August 1998 
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Ariel Sharon is being offered the post of Foreign Minister. Yes, this is the same "war criminal" Ariel Sharon who masterminded the invasion of Lebanon and the massacres of Sabra and Shatilla. He is likely to accept the position even though he personally has  opposed the upcoming 13% (actually 10% plus a "no-build" 3%  "nature reserve") transfer to "autonomy" status. Sharon's main  reason for accepting is to position himself for the Prime Ministership should Israel face crisis or war, times when Israelis have traditionally turned to well-known hard-line personalities.

Yasser Arafat is losing his balance...both politically and literally. He now not only needs to be helped answer questions, he needs to be helped keeping himself steady. Arafat continues to shake and quiver;  but the reasons may be far more than just Parkinson's disease. It is rumored that Arafat may have suffered a mild stroke; and he is known to be psychologically depressed and increasingly at times despondent.

Jabril Rajoub is doing all he can to manuever himself into the strongman position to take over from Arafat. This includes considerable bribery, corruption, intimidation and mafia-style hulliganism. In recent days at least four members of the Palestinian Legislative Council opposed to what is now evolving into an Arafat/Rajoub Regime have been beaten or roughed up by some of Rajoub's thugs.



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