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September 1998 
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Domestic American politics, and international affairs, are now more intimately linked than ever.

The following calendar is in motion, always subject to change of course based on events themselves and the omnipresent polls.

Soon: The Ken Starr report, much more damning than the public anticipates, goes to Congress and parts leak daily igniting fierce debate.

Soon thereafter: Arafat is dragged to the U.S. to sign another desperate "agreement" -- one essentially crafted by the Israeli-Jewish lobby whose former officials and graduates make up the entire State Department "negotiating team". Both the Clinton loyalists, and the large cabal of dually-loyal officials, want another "picture peace" -- this time with Bill Clinton towering and beaming between Bibi and Yasser as he nudges them together for "the handshake".

Soon thereafter: With the Democrats expected to be low in the polls and the November "off-year" election looming, another crisis with Iraq is manipulated and the bombs fall again on "suspected" Iraqi arms manufacturing sites.

Now of course nothing is written in stone here, and all kinds of events could intervene along the way. It's even possible, but not likely, Arafat and Company will balk at being used so miserably once again for an "agreement" that is another Palestinian disaster.



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