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September 1998 
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Washington Scene:
The "Israeli/Jewish Lobby"



"The cruise missile attack...was a terrific idea! The administration gets an 'A+' for originality, design, and execution... Even if it ws not a chemical weapons site, the signal has been sent that America is serious about chemical proliferation and we are able to do something about it. 'Pre-emptive arms control' as someone said of Israel's raid on Osirak."*

"The Sudan raid speaks volumes about American capability. And if the Afghan raid is the opening salvo in a war that will make use of all of our resources -- including intelligence and calandestine operations -- no one should doubt America's reach."

MER - Washington - 9/7:

The American "New War" didn't come about in a vacuum. Major interest groups in the U.S. have been pushing the U.S. in this direction for some time. With the end of the cold war, something was needed to kept them rolling in contracts and money. Islam, Arab nationalism, and "terrorism" fit the bill.

There's the old-line military industrial complex of course -- they make the million dollar cruise missiles, get the billion dollar research and developments contracts, and are interlinked with American industry and media even more than in past decades.

There are also the think-tanks and institutes which masquerade in various forms often portraying themselves as intellectual and academic centers. But in reality, these are the "War Lobbyists" if you will.

Chief among them and much on the rise ever since the Reagan years are the right-wing militarist Jewish groups closely associated with both the Israeli/Jewish lobby -- especially its Likud wing -- and the Pentagon.

The unknowing think that this powerful "lobby" is just the group on Capitol Hill known as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The reality is that since the Reagan years this Israeli/Jewish lobby has sub-divided, expanded, and grown into a large assortment of loosely coordinated organizations and groups whose power and influence has never been more dominant on the Washington scene.

It is not a single address, but rather a group of interlinked organizations and personalities which are today deeply entrenched in the ways of American politics and media.

One of the lesser known organizations involved in this "Israeli/Jewish lobby" is called JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, now located in the K Street corridor, the power center of today's Washington.

JINSA works in a variety of ways. It helps position key people in key jobs throughout Washington. It holds regular briefings that are a combination of propaganda and intelligence-gathering. And it regularly pushes its ideas, and carefully chosen (kosher if you will) spokesman, on the media. All the quotes in this article come from JINSA publications, including the following one urging the American government to put aside its own long-established "rules" and "take out" any who dare oppose the empire anywhere for any reason:

"While assassination is an ugly thought, it is not nearly as ugly as terrorism, and terrorists bring it on themselves. We agree with the President and the Secretary of State that we are fighting a war, and we believe that no capabilities should be off limits for consideration."

* Reference to Israel's bombing in 1981 of the Osirak nuclear reactor near Baghdad.



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