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October 1998 
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Threats from a "Powerful" and "Proud" Palestinian Jordanian and in the U.S. from Arafat-connected Palestinian Americans.

"Sirs, ...As a Palestinian from a powerful family in Nablus, and a proud Jordanian citizen, I was both shocked, angered and deeply aggrivated by your irresponsible editorial about the release of Sheik Yassin. Jordan, and "the Hashemite regime" have always been the shoulder to lean on for the Palestinians and there plight. His Majesty King Hussein, personaly took it upon himself to do what ever is in his power to secure the rightful future for Palestine and the Palestinians... You... need to be terminated, and your defamations of the King and Country that has sacrificed so much for there Palestinian cousins should not go unpunished ! I can assure you that I will forward your last article to the concerned authorities, and promise you to do my utmost in order to rid everyone of you..."

Sincerely Fady L. Shaka'a - Jordan 10/1/97

========================================= MER Articles about Jordan can be found at: http://www.MiddleEast.Org/Jordan.htm =========================================

MER - Washington - 4 October:

Threats, intimidation, blackmail, disinformation, cooptation, infiltration -- this is the norm in today's Middle East. The client regimes in power throughout the region are among the most corrupt and repressive in today's modern world; and the Israelis after generations of dispossessing and occupying the Palestinians are now instituting an "Apartheid Peace" guaranteeing much more conflict still to come.

Indeed, rarely have countries so rich in resources, not to mention history and culture, so badly served their people; so squandering their financial, political and human capital; and in the case of the Arab "client regimes" so prostrated themselves to a foreign power.

We're received various threats in various ways, but rarely as blatant and identifiable as the one below from a "powerful and proud" Palestinian with allegiance to Jordan's Hashemite Regime.

We know we must be doing something right and beginning to have both a growing following and impact, including in the Middle East, when this kind of thing happens.

Most of the efforts to try to discredit and mislead people about MER and persons associated with us, however, come from organizations and persons working with the Israeli/Jewish lobby; and more recently from right-wing Palestinians in the US associated with Arafat's "Palestinian Authority". In the past few months a few of them have begun spreading deceptive and fallacious rumors about MER hoping to undermine MER by creating confusion and doubts.

This is the way these people have been operating for years, actually; and since the "peace process" cooperation between some of the Jewish groups and some of the Palestinians has begun as well. Trading on their Palestinian names for credibility because they have neither personal credentials nor truthful information, these persons have acted as both disinformation agents and enforcers for some time -- and they seem to be stepping up their activities in recent months.

Now we have to admit we're proud MER has gotten onto their radar screens. And we've also heard that important persons in the Arafat regime have in a sense unleashed some of their agents in the U.S. to try to undermine MER and put roadblocks in the way of our flow of hard-headed and tough-minded information and analysis.

Led in Washington by the shallow and corrupt PLO Representative, Hassan Rahman, and by the very slippery and duplicitous head of the "Arab American Institute", Jim Zobgy, these people usually work under-the-table and out of sight if they can. Once and awhile their trails and the disinformation they spread can be traced; usually its difficult to pin things down... and we're not going to getside-tracked into that game anyway.

Our response then? We're going to continue doing what we have been doing...trying to do it better and more effectively. Specifically:

1) We've considerably improved our Web site and much previously published information is now available there -- please take a look: http://www.MiddleEast.Org

2) We're going to look more regularly at disinformation from the Arab side, as well as the Israeli/Jewish side -- stay tuned in fact for a new feature: "Zogby Watch!"

3) With your help and support we're going to have a monthly on-line magazine and newsletter.

4) Please continue to forward to us mail you receive and questions you have; and in return we'll do our best to keep you updated and respond appropriately. And if there is enough interest and support, we'll set up a weekly time when those of you supporting our efforts can easily get in touch by phone to discuss any matters of specific concern.

And please remember: If you have specific ideas and information, and if you want to help and support MER, please don't hesitate to get in touch as we're very eager to hear from you and very much in need of your support and encouragement.

Thank you again for your concern, your interest, and your support.




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