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October 1998 
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MER - Washington - 12 October:
Ariel Sharon was removed from office as Israeli Defense Minister in 1983 because of his personal complicity in the Sabra and Shatilla Refugee Camp massacres.

Sharon's record in the Israeli military has earned him the descriptions "butcher" and "war criminal" from many commentators. Additionally, Sharon is the man most responsible in Israel for the policies of dispossessing Palestinians, blowing up their homes, confiscating their lands, keeping them out of Jerusalem, and building settlements in the occupied territories.

Indeed, more than any other single individual, Sharon is responsible for "ethnic cleansing" Israeli-style. Now, in this latest crafty Israeli twist, Sharon is Israeli Foreign Minister in charge of the "Peace Process". Indeed, for some years now Sharon has been among the most powerful men in Israel.

In recent years he has actually been courted by both Hussein of Jordan and Mubarak in Egypt -- countries he has often visited helping give him the current stature to push forward toward the Prime Ministership he so covets.

Once again, the Arab "leaders", Arafat among them, have substantially helped to screw themselves. It may however surprise many to learn that in 1981 Sharon himself proposed a "peace plan" for the Palestinians in the wake of implimenting the Camp David peace treaty with Egypt.

The heart of Sharon's plan was "return" of limited areas of heavy Palestinian population to Palestinian "autonomy" and "local control". Sound familiar? Recently in a special MER-TV program about the "realities" of the "peace process"

Professor Noam Chomsky noted that what is going on today -- the "Apartheid Peace Process" -- incorporates the worst aspects of what use to be called the "Sharon Plan". A 4-minute clip of Chomsky speaking about the "Peace Process" and concluding that it resembles the "Sharon Plan" can be heard or watched here on the Internet by going to the following web page:http://WWW.MiddleEast.Org/ChomShar.htm.


This Chomsky clip is from the MER-TV Program "PEACE PROCESS: REAL OR PHONY" that has been shown on more than 100 cable TV channels throughout the U.S. this year. In this one half-hour program there are exclusive clips from Chomsky, Edward Said, Robert Fisk, Eyad Sarraj, and other top experts commenting about what the "Peace Process" really is all about. We want everyone to be able to see and show this special MER-TV program so we are making it specially available for a limited time. If ordered now we will send you two copies of the program on VHS for just $25, postage included -- one to keep, the other to give to friend or family. [Canada $30, International $40 - all USD only). To get this special one-time offer your check must be received in the next 10 days. Please mail your check made out to MER, along with the name and address to which you want the videos sent, to:

P.O. Box 18367
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