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October 1998 
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Washington Scene:

R A H M   D E P A R T S



It was early 1991 and the Israeli/Jewish lobby wasn't too happy with George Bush and Jim Baker. True they had followed Israel's desires in destroying arch nemesis Iraq. True, the U.S./Israeli connection had  never been closer; the flow of arms and money never greater.

But even so, Bush/Baker were under considerable pressure from the Arab client-regimes and segments of corporate America to push Israel abit, as evidenced at Madrid, in order to "stabilize" the Middle East, especially in the wake of the Gulf War. Furthermore, everyone knew the Bush/Baker duo was doing all it could to bring Rbin and Peres to power in Israel, removing Yitzhak Shamir from the scene. And the main elements of "the lobby" decided it was time to do all they could to send Bush and Baker packing.

Enter Rahm Emmanuel. Until 1978 a dual Israeli-American citizen, and a former officer in the Israeli army some allege (unsubstantiated), Emmanuel was an up and comer, a Jewish money man, a political fixer.

And he was essentially tasked by "the lobby" to join the Clinton campaign in Little Rock. Emmanuel had never met Bill Clinton. But allot of the big-boys in "the lobby" had, and they were increasingly putting their hopes, and their money, on Bill Clinton not only to retire and replace George Bush, but to do their things way in Washington.

A few months later, during the campaign, the President of AIPAC, the main front-organization in Washington of "the lobby", was forced to resign after a recording of his bragging about his group's tremendous clout was made public. "We have a dozen of our guys in Little Rock" the AIPAC head proudly proclaimed one afternoon. "And when Clinton is elected he's going to be our man in Washington."

One of those men was Rahm Emmanuel, who after 7 years at Clinton's side leaves the White House today, his job completed.

Another of those men was Martin Indyk, at the time an Australian citizen heading up the lobby's think-tank in Washington. Indyk and many many others remain on the job -- he is now the Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East.

"I've been very proud of the work I've done for his president to push his agenda," Rahm told an interviewer a few days ago. But on some key issues, most especially matters Middle Eastern, Bill Clinton really didn't have an agenda of his own. Far more scandalous than anything relating to Monica, or anything relating to a few foreign dollars in recent campaigns, Bill Clinton's near complete capitulation and sell-out of U.S. policies and interests to the Israeli/Jewish lobby is the scandal no one in the American political or media establishment dares investigate, or even mention.



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