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October 1998 
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"It's stupid for any colonial power to try to run the local people with its own forces. Much better to get local mercenaries usually brought from some other region... And Israel is finally recognizing that the only thing that makes any sense is to revert to the classic colonial pattern -- the South African, Indian...British-in-India type pattern -- in the areas that it is handing over to some degree of Palestinian Authority... I doubt that Israel will keep all the territories it has now. That would be completely crazy in fact. Probably they will go back to something like the extreme demands that have been put forth in the past. The current agreement is, in fact, way out at the extreme. In fact, what it looks like now is the Sharon Plan of 1981."

Noam Chomsky From MER-TV Program "PEACE PROCESS: REAL OR PHONY?"

MER - Washington - 19 Oct:

Whatever comes out of sequestering the Mid-East protagonists at theWye Plantation some things are certain: it won't be a stable or a lasting "peace", and it certainly isn't Palestinian "independence" or "Statehood". What it really is at best is a kind of short-term political fix blown up out of all proportion to suit the narrow political interests of Bill, Yasser, and Bibi. Clinton distracts attention from the impeachment train and substantially projects his Presidential role in advance of November's "final" election. Yasser puts a few more fingers in the greatly weakened political dike that threatens to drown him -- including considerable additional help from the CIA. Bibi and Sharon each further their political ambitions substantially, even enlisting those who have opposed and denounced them them to instead help them. In the end, the U.S./Israeli plot to imprison the Palestinians in an "autonomy" by another name rolls forward. Arafat can pronounce and declare all he wants; but the realities are the ground are yearly considerable worse for the Palestinian people. The deceptive, disingenuous "Apartheid peace" proceeds.



The Chomsky quote is from the MER-TV Program "PEACE PROCESS: REAL OR PHONY" that has been shown on more than 100 cable TV channelsthroughout the U.S. this year. In this one half-hour program there areexclusive clips from Chomsky, Edward Said, Robert Fisk, Eyad Sarraj,and other top experts commenting about what the "Peace Process" reallyis all about. We want everyone to be able to see and show this special MER-TVprogram so we are making it specially available for a limited time.If ordered now we will send you two copies of the program on VHS forjust $25, postage included -- one to keep, the other to give to friendor family. [Canada $30, International $40]. To get this special offer your check must be received by October 31. Please mail your check made out to MER -- along with the name, address, and email -- to:

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