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October 1998 
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"The CIA would supervise the jailing and disarming of suspected Palestinian terrorists in a land-for-security deal President Clinton is pressing hard to seal between Israelis and Palestinians..." Associated Press - Oct 20

MER - Washington - 10/21:

There are many aspects to the current much-hyped Israeli-Arafat follow-on agreement -- Oslo III if you will -- that all have agreed to obscure and hide as much as possible. Indeed much of the talk at the Wye Plantation has to do with how to package and present a new deal that manipulates and infiltrates all aspects of Palestinian affairs far more than ever before. Among the major new steps being taken:

1) The CIA has taken direct responsibility as never before for Israeli"security". Never before has the role of the CIA Director personally,and the Agency itself, been more substantial or crucial to any international negotiations. But then matters relating to Israel often take on very special dimensions and are actually an adjunct of domestic American affairs in view of the extreme power of the Israeli/Jewish lobby and the unprecedented number of American Jews promoted by and loyal to Israel in the Clinton Administration. Bottom Line: In return for the considerable arms, money, and help provided to the Arafat "Authority" by the three countries -- Israeli, the U.S, and Jordan -- Arafat has agreed to a substantially increased role for the CIA in the Palestinian territories. The Israelis and Jordanians love it -- after all King Hussein has had a very long CIA-connection and was even directly on the payroll for a time. And for Arafat it means he can hope to put down all opposition through escalating infiltration and repression.

2) "By-pass" roads will continue to be built, indeed expanded, in manyareas, throughout the post-1967 occupied territories. And the Americans have promised to find considerably more funding for this unique approach one way or another. A major demand of Ariel Sharon, these "by-pass roads" and the settlements they connect will insure that a truly continguous and real Palestinian State never becomes possible, no matter what terminology is used and what declarations Arafat makes.

3) In the near civil war that already exists between Hamas and the Arafat "Authority" the Americans, Israelis, and Jordanians have all pledged whatever help Arafat should need to infiltrate and cripple Hamas and all other opponents.

4) The Palestinian "airport" and "seaport" will be completely monitored and searchable at all times by the Israelis, just as has always been the case with all "border crossings" into Palestinian "autonomy" areas. The CIA will also help the Israelis with new means of surveillance and intelligence gathering. The Israelis will follow the policy whenever possible, de facto and de jure, of one-way mirrors minimizing the visibility of the Israelis in a gesture toward Palestinian public opinion and Arafat's image. But in all cases, including Arafat's personal plane, Israel will remain in a position to always determine what and whom enters and exits from Palestinian areas.

5) What for them are large sums will be made available to Arafat for Palestinian agents, collaborators, and infiltrators. And considerable money will be made available to various American and Israeli foundations, organizations, and front-groups to push and promote the new and expanded "peace process" and undermine all who oppose it.

Overall, there should be no doubt that there are all sorts of new and expanded secret aspects to what Arafat (with Hussein's strong encouragement and pressure) has now arranged with the Israelis and the Americans -- including secret escape plans and bank accounts should things go wrong for Arafat, and he have to make a quick escape along with family and entourage.



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