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October 1998 
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The I S R A E L I   A P A R T H E I D   M A P S http://www.MiddleEast.Org/maps1.htm

MER - Washington - 26 Oct:

The maps tell part of the real story, far more than the deceptive words of the politicians. These maps are now easily available at the MER Website at the address above. We've boiled things down to their essense, so go ahead and send the web page or address to your friends and colleagues.


Nowhere else in the world is there anything of this kind. Only when the South African White government drew up the "Apartheid" plans of the 1970s did a pattern of this kind exist elsewhere other than the Israeli occupied territories -- and those "Bantustans" are now gone. Beyond the maps, the Israelis enforce a regime of computerized passes that restrict where Palestinians can go, different color license plates for Jews and Arabs with similar result, "by-pass" roads for "Jews only", land confiscations, home destructions, settlements, all on top of a deceptive and complicated systems of apartheid-type laws that create systematic separation while promoting Jewish interests and severely repressing and dispossessing Palestinians. The changes agreed to recently in the "Wye Memorandum" do not alter these overall conditions and are hedged with so many Israeli restrictions that the situation is likely to soon become even worse for Palestinians. And even if the teritorial aspects of "Wye" were fully implimented, the Palestinians would still have "autonomous" control of less than 20% of the 1967 occupied territories (less than 7% of 1947 Palestine), and all the "autonomous" areas remain totally surrounded by the Israeli army giving them the actual status of Bantustans or Reservations, certainly not sovereignty.


Since 1967 the Israelis have continually expanded Jerusalem, claiming it is not part of the West Bank, and thus not including it in the inflated percentages that are used to make it seem the Palestinians are "getting back" more than than is actually true. Even this map doesn't show the full extent of how the Israelis have recently still further expanded Jerusalem to encompass nearby settlements and the city of Ma'ale Adunim, the green area on the extreme right.



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