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November 1998 
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These comments were all received during June. We'd like to hear from you too!

Please tell your friends about MER and forward this message to them. =============================

To whom it may concern-

I have been receiving MER news online for a couple of months now,and am very impressed with how forthright and candid you are. It's refreshing to see an organization finally not afraid to tell it like it is concerning the Middle East.


Matthew Cross


You didn't lose me..and I hope you will never,I am just moving and will ask you again later to subscribe!

Saieb Khalil


An excellent website.

Patrick King



Congratulations on your fine work in bringing to light the truth of the Middle East conflicts, problems and tradgedies...

I am an undergraduate student with a political science focus on the Middle East and Development, and I need to aquire knowledge, skills and experience in the realm of Middle-East that I may carry on the work... of organisations like this.

Yours Sincerely,



Interesting, yeah, that the CIA and its cronies can whisk somebody away at the drop of a hat...

Hmmmm...Keep up the good work

Mick Loosemore, Canada


Send Info!

"Truth is hate to those who hate Truth."



Subject: Re: ADC's Convention last year - Political CorruptionDate: Mon, 8 Jun 1998

Mark, your ADC article is beautiful It is so funny but, unfortunately, so true!

John Kennedy


Dear Sir /Madam, I am interested with MER publication. Always I follow it through my friends. Could you please provide me with weekly MER. Best regards. Kamal Gerbawo =============================

Subject: Re: US Media Twist and DistortsDate: Fri, 12 Jun 1998


I have been reading for a year or so. This is the finest articleyet. Please do not publish my email addr, I have more than a fewzionist enemies for speaking the same truth you speak.

Matt G


Please send MER. Your coverage is excellent.

Anonymity requested (from Arab country)


Hello MER,

I know the system is automatic but I only unsubscribed because I amreceiving it twice... But don't worry I do not want to miss MER.

jerry khouri


Dear Mark,

I would like to thank you so very much for this article.Man, this staff is so good. I can't believe, the detailed of this article. This is what I call journalism. Allof these reportes should come take lessons about reportingfrom you guys. I have been reading MER for over 6 months now, you guys are getting better every day.

I read your articles and I say to myself, this man's love of thetruth is stunning... and I can't help but wonder how come, and why is it that such an honest, truthful, and insightful man is not a Muslim ... Man the things I would do to see you a muslim ...

Please, don't be offended by my comments, it is just that ifI have learned anything from reading you articles is thatsincerety and honest matters so much.

My best wishes to you, the MER team and to your family.

Regards, Hazim Mohaisen



First I'd like to say how much I enjoy your news service ... It's very interesting/informative. I've no professional/personal links with Palestine or the middle east, just a general interest.

Having just read your "jewish bomb" article, I thought I'd mention theprogramming that CNN have been doing recently... They had Shimon Peres on, talking about Israel's " don't ask, don'ttell " nuclear deterrent.Needless to say, they let him do his international statesman act, anddidn't ask any difficult questions... Keep up your good work.

Best regards

Steve Phillips


My Allah bless all of you for your efforts to spread truth.And may Allah curse those who sell truth for a measly gain.

James Kirkman




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