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November 1998 
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"I didn't raise him to lose him like that. I'm proud, but I'm said because
I loved my son." Yusef Zughayar's Father Silat Harithiya
(Village in Occupied Palestine)

D E E P E R   U N D E R G R O U N D   G R O W I N G

MER - 11/10/98:

Israel's military occupation going back to the 1967 war,and before that the civil war of 1948, gave rise to the "Intifada".

The "Intifada" gave rise to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to a new generation of Palestinian activists rising against their occupier in new ways of greater personal sacrificethan the previous generation.

Hamas gave rise to the Rabin/Sharon "autonomy" strategy ofcontrolling the Palestinians through a client-regime --similar to how Arab populations throughout the region are controlled and repressed by regimes imposed by the Westin generations past.

And now that client-regime, for the moment headed by YasserArafat, is giving rise to a new groundswell of oppositionand sacrifice that is being forced to burrow itself deeperand deeper underground...growing and waiting.

Yusef Ali Mohammed Zughyar, 22, blew himself up in a Jerusalemmarket last week. He had been shot by the Israelis and lostpart of his leg at the height of the Intifadah when he was 13.He met his co-terrorist in Israel's prisons where they were undoubtedly tortured; and in the process he went underground with Islamic Jihad.

"This heroic operation is not the first and not going tobe the last" Islamic Jihad asserted in a leaflet that followedZughyar's bombing.

Indeed, with the course we are all on, today's underground streamis likely to become a river and may then threaten to turn into a flood. And this is happening not just in occupied Palestine, but in Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, in Lebanon, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

For the moment American big guns, technology, and money are likelyto prevail. Palestine can be doubly occupied and turned on itself. Iraq can be further desvastated, a form of modern-day genocide brought to the ancient land of Abraham.

But down the road there may be a cost in revenge and bloodshed hard to fathom today.




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