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November 1998 
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MER - Washington - 7 February: American hypocrisy and duplicity are quite mind-boggling andseem to know no limits.

While proclaiming that no Middle East country will be allowedto have the "capacity" to develop weapons of mass destruction;the Americans are threatening to use their vast arsenal of suchweapons against a helpless and prostrate Iraq. The Pentagon evenrefuses to rule out using tactical nuclear weapons!

And while preparing to further destroy Iraq which may have atmost a few left-over missiles and bombs after years of unprecedenteddestruction and sanctions -- not to mention after having already dropped on Iraq more bombs than were dropped throughout the years of World War II on everyone! -- the Americans have deployed Patriot missiles in Israel near Dimona to protect Israel's nuclear weapons of mass destruction!

The following letter was recently sent to the London Daily Mail. It was sent back with a "no thanks". We publish it with our thanks.

Letters c/o The EditorThe Daily Mail


Are the US and Great Britain going to check Israel's weapons of mass destruction and will the US government demand to see them and subsequently arrange for their removal and disposal? How is it that the belligerence of the Israeli government, its invasion of four neighboring countries and its continual disobedience of UN goes unpunished? Israel has consistently and blatantly refused to comply with UN resolutions requesting its withdrawal from the lands they occupy on the West Bank and also in the Lebanon. Does the US government also intend to bomb Israel because of their disobedience? I very much doubt it. Once again we are about to witness the supreme injustice by those who claim to be policing the world.

Mr H Morrison Chippenham, Willtshire ENGLAND




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