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November 1998 
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M A D E   I N   I S R A E L

MER - Washington - 16 Nov:

They mightily smokescreen it. And the ever-compliant American press strives just as mightily to go along with the never-ending hypocrisies and deceptions. But put aside the day-to-day crises and trace back what has happened in the Middle East since the Camp David period, and you find the twisted and bloody footprints of the Israelis all over the place. And this is especially the case when it comes to the rampantly militaristic policies of Washington toward Iraq, first bombed and provoked by Israel in 1981 when a U.S. ally.

Indeed, the sophisticated USG, quite often cleverly manipulated itself by the Israeli/Jewish lobby, has managed to twist things so that even "U.N. sanctions" get metamorphosized into a sanitized kind of "weapon of mass destruction". With some 7% of Iraq's population killed in the past 8 years, and much of the rest of the population reduced to poverty, disease, and helplessness, even the chief U.N. man in Baghdad, Denis Halliday, couldn't stomach it anymore and after a 33-year U.N. career felt he had to resign in moral anguish.

Last week Mark Bruzonsky of MER appeared on the international FOX NEWS NETWORK on three different days. The first day he was paired up with commentator Juan Williams, a diehard bomb-the-hell-out-of-Saddam guy who has never been to the Middle East and didn't even know whom Martin Indyk, Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East, was. The second day he was cut off right after beginning to mention that Israel is the greatest violator of Security Council resolutions, the only country with a major arsenal of "weapons of mass destruction" in the region, and eight times militarily stronger than all the Arab armies combined. And the third day, though promised no cut-offs this time, sure enough, the moment Israel was mentioned the host -- incidentally a New York Jew of rather clear proclivities -- cut him off less than half way through the interview insisting he only wanted to talk about the evil Saddam.

Israel's "lobby" has never been stronger than at the moment. The Clinton-Gore Administration is top-heavy with what are essentially dually-loyal personalities (no matter how much no body wants to say so), including National Security Council Berger and Secretary Indyk, who incidentally wasn't even an American citizen when Bill Clinton was elected President, having been brought to the U.S. by "the lobby" from Australia via Israel.

Secretary of Defense Cohen has jointly prayed with Israel's Defense Minister in his Pentagon Office. And Rahm Emmanuel, just departed from Clinton's side at the White House, was a joint U.S.-Israeli citizen and a protégé of "the lobby".

And let's not forget that the U.S. essentially fired the last U.N. Secretary-General, Boutros Ghali, so he could be replaced by the more compliant Kofi Annan; and then, pushed forward by "the lobby" after sacking Ghali, U.N. Ambassador Madeleine Albright was moved to Foggy Bottom, where she then dutifully paid off "the lobby" by appointing Indyk.

As well, the major media, with few exceptions, has never been more compliant and blind-sided by a convoluted concoction of pressure groups, fear, cowardice, and sloppiness. With Larry King (a major contributor to Israel) and Wolf Blitzer (a former editor of the Israeli lobby's newsletter) dominating CNN, the deck is indeed powerfully stacked. As for PBS, when it comes to matters Middle Eastern, the popular Lehrer News Hours might as well be produced by the State Department press office. Indeed, without the News Hour State would have to do a lot more of the work itself! Much the same for Charlie Rose, by the way. And we could go on, network by network, paper by paper.

Add to this miserable vortex that key Arab regimes and personalities -- for their own benefit of course -- are actually working very closely with "the lobby" allowing themselves to be continually manipulated by it, and things begin to come into clearer focus. This includes the Saudi, Jordanian, Kuwaiti, and Egyptian regimes who so despicably are actually lending their public support, and in the case of the Saudis and Kuwaitis their actual countries, to the American/Israeli effort to dominate and control their region -- key components of which now include sanctioning and/or bombing Iraq into total submission and "containing" Iran. In return, of course, the U.S. overtly and Israel covertly kept these miserable regimes in place, the CIA and Pentagon having little cozy understandings with all of them.

And as for the various Arab American organizations that have sprung up in Washington in recent years -- now there is a truly pathetic and demoralizing tale of woe. The "Screaming Maksouds", Clovis and Hala, who dominate much of this miserably scene including ADC, live in a self-contained and self-serving make believe world in which they are constantly handing out accolades to themselves and chums even as they bumble along from one disaster to another. And "Arab American Institute" Jim Zogby, the self-annointed spokesman for Arab Americans, is in reality an agent of the client-regimes, not to mention his long-suspected close ties to both the Israeli lobby and the CIA. With a Zogby out there, even the Maksouds sometimes look good!

"Made in Israel" is what U.S Middle East policies are all about these days. But the stamp is pretty well hidden underneath, purposefully camaflouged and continually smokescreened.

And thanks to the complicity of the major media the American people don't even realize how badly their country has been essentially hijacked by Israel and its U.S.-based minions.




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