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November 1998 
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S H A R O N     U R G E S   " L A N D G R A B "

Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon over the weekend, while the world was busy with the latest Iraq crisis, called for a land-grab by Israeli settlers:

"It is not true that settlements will be completely surrounded [after the upcoming withdrawal]. But everyone there should move, and take over more and more hills. The time is coming when whatever we take, will be ours, and whatever they take, will be theirs. Whoever can help in this, should help. 'With cunning you should fight wars.'

Sharon added, with reference to Arafat's threats to unilaterally declare a Palestinian State next May: "If he continues this way, he'll end up sitting in Shechem (Nablus), and Gaza, and nowhere else... The Palestinian statements of this week made it more likely that the withdrawal will not happen."




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