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November 1998 
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MER - Washington - 16 Nov: Former General Ehud Barak, now head of Israel's Labor Party, outlined his vision of the "Permanent" settlement with Palestinians last week. As usual, the Labor types phrase things abit more mildly and ambiguously playing on the naivety and desperation of the Palestinians and playing to the gallery of world opinion, especially wealthy "liberal" American Jews they desperately need for funds and support. But even so the differences with Sharon and Bibi are far more stylistic than actual.

"First: Jerusalem - united under our sovereignty, the Israeli capital forever, period. Second: no return under any circumstances to the 1967 borders. Third: no foreign modern army - no divisions, no armored units, no air force, no missiles - west of the Jordan River. Fourth: most of the Yesha residents, though not necessarily every isolated settlement, will remain under Israeli sovereignty, in settlement blocs, even in the permanent arrangement." Numbers 1 and 4 clearly mean that any Palestinian "entity" or "State", regardless of what it is called and no matter how much more declaring Arafat engages in, will not be real but will instead be a Bantustan arrangement. Tragically, this is all made possible by Yasser Arafat and his miserably inept, corrupt, and repressive "Authority" as every "agreement" he has made has been considerably worse than the previous one.




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