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December 1998 
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We have been forced to suspend MID-EAST REALITIES.

Especially at this critical time it has been a very difficultdecision to do so. We have tried for a number of years now to not only keep MER publishing, but to make it the most unique and informative source of information and analysis about the Middle East available anywhere.

As the hundreds of messages and phone calls that keep coming in daily make evident, MER has indeed been recognized by many to beextraordinarily valuable and uniquely insightful. But there are also realities of our own that we have to deal with, including financial and political. The more we have spoken up; the more we have become known; the more MER has directly challenged the lies and hypocrisies of the American and Israeli governments, as well as those of the Arab client regimes; the more important, but also the more difficult, our efforts have become.

To read the many comments about MER go to: http://www.MiddleEast.Org/commentsx.htm

The more MER has exposed the realities of the various lobbies, interest groups, and client organizations that so dominate the media and the various sub-communities, the more pressures and disinformation attacks have been brought against us.

What we have always tried to do as these efforts to quiet us have mounted is to stick to the major tasks for which MER stands out as being so unique. We have published MER regularly for more than two years now; and we have gained a large following around the world. We have begun to work directly with the major media to open their eyes to the "realities" of what is taking place both in the Middle East itself and in Washington about the Middle East. And we have also managed to produce and show the weekly MER-TV program on local cable in the Washington area, with plans underway until recently to start broadcasting it on the Internet each week.

To read past MER articles go to: http://www.MiddleEast.Org/merx.htm ------------------------------------

But now all this is actually up to you. We can do the difficult work, including traversing the political minefield, but you have to provide the encouragement and support. We have the expertise, commitment, and abilities; but you have to provide the financial resources. We already have a major running start and the year ahead is sure to be a critical one; but you have to back us up in a serious and ongoing way.

The main reason we have so few honest, independent, and hard-hitting publications and organizations dealing with the major issues involving the Middle East is precisely because of the kinds of problems and pressures we have been more and more encountering. We're not immune from these realities; we simply try to face them much more honestly and directly, always very careful not to be co-opted in the process. And it is for these reasons that we have now had to suspend MER, pending finding out from all of you who have told us how much you value MER whether we can resume or will have to end our efforts.

The bottom line is that continuing and expanding MER are now up to all of us collectively. If you want MER to continue you have to provide the support and the means. Our entire budget is less than that of one mid-level staff person at any the dozens of institutions in Washington that work in tandem with the various regimes and lobbies. There is no other organization where the cost/benefit ratio is so substantial as is the case with MER. And there is no other organization or publication with the hard-hitting, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is format, style, and expertise of MER.

If you want MER to continue and to follow-through with the efforts we have begun then we need to hear from you now and we need your support now.

H O W   T O   C O N T A C T   M E R =====================================

EMAIL: MER@MiddleEast.Org Email is of course simple and easy. Tell us what you think, tell ushow you can help, tell us what financial support you can provide.

FAX: 202 362-6965  We can also be easily reached by fax, and it is now OK to fax your checks to support MER to this number.

PHONE: 202 362-5266   If you are willing and able to help MER or if you have something specific to discuss give us a call.

WEB SITE: WWW.MiddleEast.OrgWe have worked very hard to improve our web site substantially. If you haven't been there lately, take a look now; and especiallylook at the "Past MER articles" and "Magazine" sections. From the web site you can also call our 800 number and leave a message at anytime, as well as listen to a demonstration of our on-line weekly update message available to all around the world via our web site.


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