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December 1998 
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To: Readers and Supporters of MID-EAST REALITIESDate: 12/21/98Website: http://www.MiddleEast.OrgRe: WE NOW NEED YOUR HELP IF WE ARE TO CONTINUE IN 1999

As you know we have recently been forced to suspend publication of MID-EAST REALITIES. We did so very reluctantly and with considerable regret after trying for many months to find the financial support needed to continue MER, just a few thousand dollars a month.

One of the additional "realities" about the Middle East that few wish to openly and honestly discuss is that nearly all of the organizations and institutes that deal publicly with Middle East affairs are controlled and manipulated in one way or another by the sources of funding they continually court or which helped establish them in the first place. And these sources of funding are, with very few exceptions, tied into the U.S. government, organizations and persons associated with the Israeli/Jewish lobby, or those working in tandem or under-the-table with the various Arab "client-regimes".

The main reason we have so few organizations and media persons able and willing to speak up knowledgeable and honestly about what is happening in the Middle East, and especially about what is happening in Washington about the Middle East, is this financial predicament. If one allows oneself to be manipulated and twisted into conformity, or at minimum to cut many corners, pull many punches, and refrain from discussing many subjects, funds of various kinds are available. If one insists on being independent, honest, and forthright about what is really happening in our world and in the U.S. capital -- and of course these are the basic hallmarks of MER which explain our growing following around the world -- the opposite is the case; and indeed all kinds of pressures and rumors result to either bring about conformity or push one under.

Now we all face this situation together. We have established MER on the Internet and the weekly half-hour TV program we'd like to also now put on the Internet, making it possible for all of us come together and to help all of us know and understand what is really going on -- in the region, and in Washington which increasingly dominates the region.

Some of you can afford to contribute substantially to this unique and vital effort, some less so. Others of you we understand are just getting by and not able to do so. We want to keep making MER widely available to all; we do not want to set up specific subscriptions and access restrictions. We want all who are concerned and interested to be able to continue benefiting from MER -- as the many messages and calls we keep receiving make so clear. And if you have any doubts just read for yourself at: http://www.MiddleEast.Org/commentsx.htm.

But to do these things we have to have the serious help and support of those of you are able. Please do not put off any longer doing your part in this exceptional situation.

It is all of us collectively who in effect publish MER; and that is why it is so uniquely insightful and valuable. Not the oil companies through their grants to such places as the Middle East Institute. Not the Arab regimes through their many means of providing funds to various Arab American and Muslim "client organizations", among them the "Arab Network of America" on TV and Zogby's "Arab-American Institute". Not the Israel-oriented Jewish organizations that have set up and infiltrated so many publications and media outlets and now have their powerful "Washington Institute" constantly propagandizing everyone, including most of the cooperating Arab regimes. And not the U.S. government which now has so many ways of providing funds and support to so many groups, more and more indirectly and often covertly, including the U.S Institute for Peace and the various think-tanks scattered throughout Washington which rely in one way or another on the Congress, the CIA, or the Pentagon for their support.


At this time, since we have already laid the groundwork and set MER in motion, your financial support is the key. We need to raise at least five thousand dollars by the end of the year to make it possible to keep our web site alive (with all the prior articles and information we have published to date) and to resume publishing MER. We very much want to resume publication of MER on a regular basis, often with daily articles and expanded analysis and information of the uniquely insightful kind we have become known for.

So for the next two weeks we will conduct our first intensive fund-raising drive,at the end of which we will determine what we will be able to do. Pleasesend your checks to MER at:

MER POBox 18367 Washington, D.C. 20036

The year ahead is going to be an exceedingly difficult and historic one. The forces of misinformation and disinformation are stronger than ever and being provided with more funding and capabilities all the time. The U.S. and Israeli governments, and the cooperating Arab "client regimes" are working harder and harder to support those who will do their bidding, and to undermine those who will not. In general you know this depressing situation, and that's why you are among the many thousands of MER readers all over the world. Let's make sure we continue at least to do something about this by at least revealing what is going on with sophistication, expertise, and forthrightness.

Indeed, what we really should do in the year ahead is not only resume publishing of MER, but make MER much better known and useful by using the unique advantages of today's Internet.

Meanwhile, for the time being, we will try to republish the best of MER articles and editorials from the past -- especially since many of you have just joined us in the past few months.

And we urge all of you who have not done so recently to visit our unique web site which we will continue expanding and improving if your financial support makes it possible for us to do so:http://www.MiddleEast.Org.



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