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December 1998 
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R A R E L Y   D O   W E   E V E R   F I N D...

>>Dearest MER,

I greet you with peace! =) I am very depressed and distressed to know that you may not continue to provide us with your courageous, valuable and truthful insights regarding the Middle-East affairs and the numerous exposes of the Israeli-American governmental connection! I really, really, incredibly and absolutely LOVE and enjoy your awesome articles!! And always enthusiastically fwd them out to others and discuss them with friends and family! And wooooooooow! You're based here in the USA Makes us proud and hopeful that not all of us here are zombies or media brainwashed potatoes! lol I hope you can continue to provide us with your great stuff and...I guessif it comes to subscription..I can probably pay some..but being a student and all that, it might get difficult..however, at all cost, MER MUST GO ON!!! =)

Please do not disappoint us and leave us in the dark! Rarely do we ever find an organization or magazine/newspaper that can impressively report what's really going on! Wish u the best..and may God bless you all!!

a big reader fan of MER..

S.W. in lovely Californiaa 21 year old student >>


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