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December 1998 
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NOTE TO READERS: Letters sent out in recent days came from people of Muslim and Jewish backgrounds. This letter is from a Lebanese Christian woman now doing graduate work in the U.S.

I am a former reporter for The Daily Star in Beirut and CNN world report correspondent. Currently, I am writing a paper for Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism on how the US media is covering the Iraqi crisis. Having just recently arrived in the US and embarked on you web site, I am fascinated by the wealth of information and accurate coverage you have undertaken...

[MER is] an amazing and rare site. Rich in content, information, and facts that so many other organizations would prefer to hide or color for their own personal reasons. You have taken over most of the media's responsibility in this country by becoming the providers of important information, overlooked or purposefully ignored by others, and relaying it an accurate, objective, and fair manner. I commend you on such an effort. The work you have gathered is accurate and in depth, putting everything in clear perspective. The truth hurts, but in the end it is the truth... Congratulations on a great web site.

Nadine Alfa Journalist



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