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January 1999 
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NOTE TO MER READERS AND SUPPORTERS: As you know we have had to suspend regular publication but even so we have been able to continue and improve the Website and also to continue publishing MER FlashBack articles and urgent information. You will also soon be receiving important new information from the expanding Committee On The Middle East. While we are trying to make MER even more useful and unique, we want to increase the awareness of concerned persons and groups about MER, about the wealth of information at the new Website, and about the MER-TV weekly cable program. This message below has been prepared for all who regularly receive MER so that you can easily send it to your family, friends and appropriate users groups, encouraging them to receive MER themselves.

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M I D - E A S T R E A L I T I E S


If You Don't Get It, You Just Don't Get It!

News, Information, & Analysis that Governments, Interest Groups and the Corporate Media Do Not Want You To Know!

"MER is excellent. I don't know of any other publication that so consistently and fearlessly tells the truth about the oppressive order in the Middle East that has long been based on an alliance between Washington, the Israelis, and the Arab client regimes."

Professor Glenn Perry,
Department of Political Science
Indiana State Univerity

"[MER is] an amazing and rare site. Rich in content, information, and facts that so many other organizations would prefer to hide or color for their own personal reasons. You have taken over most of the media's responsibility in this country by becoming the providers of important information, overlooked or purposefully ignored by others... The truth hurts, but in the end it is the truth..."

Nadine Alfa
Grad Student, Journalism, Columbia Univ.
Former CNN World Report Correspondent, Beirut

"I'm one of many U.S. academicians impressed with the oh-so-rare honesty and insightfulness of your analyses."

Professor Theodore Keller
Emeritus, International Relations
San Francisco State University

"You have rejuvenated all the oppressed peoples of the Middle East! Your articles are brimming with rage and hostility towards the US, Israel, and the Arab reactionary regimes. And that's what I love about them!"

Rola Hamdan - Beirut

"I am so pleased to finally have subscribed to an articulate, worthwhile, courageous journal and staff."

Betty Molchany
ADC Legal Counsel
Alexandria, Virginia

"The work you are doing is extremely important... I know many people here [in Israel] do get MER."

Professor Tanya Reinhart
Tel Aviv University

"Dear MER, Thank you for your courage, for the excellent reviews and articles and for the effort... I salute you in solidarity."

Dr. Eyad Sarraj
Gaza - Palestine
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Find out for yourself what governments, the Israeli/Jewish Lobby and the Muslim and Arab "client organizations" don't want you to know!

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[Note: If you are unsure whether you receive MER directly just follow the subscribe instructions. Your email will be checked and you will not be duplicated if already on the list.]

FROM THE NEW MER HOMEPAGE - http://www.MiddleEast.Org

There are many sites on the Internet well-financed by business interests, indirectly by governments, oftentimes by public relationsgroups masquerading as "Institutes" or "Think-Tanks." MER is very different and quite unique. MER is totally independent, refreshingly candid, uniquely insightful.

"Fearlessly tells the truth", writes Professor Glenn Perry (Political Science Dept, India State Univ). "I am fascinated by the wealth of information and accurate coverage", writes a former CNN World Report correspondent from Beirut. "Rarely do we ever find an organization that can so impressively report what's really going on. I'm in love with MER!" writes a Muslim woman college student in California. "The work you are doing is extremely important...I hope you endure," writes a Professor at Tel Aviv University. Read for yourself the many hundreds of Reader's Comments received from throughout the world.

MER's purpose is to distill and present the most incisive and honest, the most insightful and independent, information and analysis about what is really going on in today's Middle East as well as in Washington about the Middle East. MER is published with the help of independent experts and professors throughout the world who have come together to establish the Committee On The Middle (see the list of persons on the COME Advisory Committee).



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