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January 1999 
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MER - WASHINGTON - 1/19/99:

His Grandfather, assassinated in Jerusalem a few years after Israel's creation with the future boy-king at his side, would have been proud. The only remaining Hashemite King returned home today -- home to the British-created "Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" -- the memories of Hashemite Iraq, Damascus, and the Hejaz long faded and purposefully obscured from contemporary history and politics.

Fittingly Hussein was cured of his problems in the West that has sponsored and nurtured him, and escorted from the Meditteranean to the East Bank by the Israelis, whom the Hashemite family colluded with from the beginning in a historic tale of successful intrique and conspiracy.

The outward imagery of "Hussein's return" was one of unbriddled jubiliation. The inner realities are that of still-growing tension and anxiety. The Hashemite alliance with Israel and the U.S. has never been closer. The King's close relations with the Mossad and the CIA are more exposed than ever. The Muhabarat, the Secret Police, is more all-pervasive than ever. Repression, intimidation, and co-optation have been substantially refined in Hashemite Jordan, but remain omni-present. The "peace" deal with Israel continues to threaten to become a political earthquake.

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