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January 1999 
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MER FLASHBACK - It was some years ago that MER first began alerting about the CIA's growing involvement with the Arafat Regime, long before the subject started being generally known and discussed. This is one of several early articles on the subject:


CIA and SHINBET in Gaza

MER - 22 January 1997: "Colonel Rajoub is head of the Palestinian Preventive SecurityApparatus, and today he works with Shin Bet... It is a delicatesubject for both sides and the veil is lifted only rarely. But onJanuary 1, when a settler fired randomly at Palestinians inHebron, Col. Rajoub (Palestinian intelligence chief) and AmiAyalon, the Shin Bet chief, appeared together in public toimpose a curfew and prevent disaster for the town -- and thepeace agreement."

"'Fateh people say cynically that this might be the only reallysuccessful part of the relationship with the Israelis,' said Ghassan al-Khatib, a Palestinian analyst."

"CIA training teams from the United States are operating inGaza, while Canada has supplied communications and surveillance equipment and computers to the Palestinian agency... The European Union recently sent a mission to assess how it too could help."

>From Ian Black in THE GUARDIAN, 1/22/97.



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