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January 1999 
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Not that long ago Iraq was an American ally. U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie was sitting cordinally with Saddam Hussein in 1990, while Iraqi forces were massed on the border with Kuwait, assuring Saddam what an important ally Iraq was.

And not that long before that Iran was a major American ally. Iranian Ambassador Ardeshir Zahedi threw lavish diplomatic parties in Washington before the revolution. And President Jimmy Carter continually assuring the Shah how important Iran was to the a bastion of "stability" in the Middle East.

But for the past decade of the "New World Order" there has been"dual containment". It is a term first enunciated by one of the key Israel/Jewish lobby men in Washington, Martin Indyk, soon after Clinton became President. And of course Indyk is now Madeleine Albright's Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East -- indeed that was one of the prices exacted for her getting the job.

The "dual" in "containment" is Iran of course. Iraq is already prostrate.

It's no secret Iran is hard at work building up its military strength.After watching what has happened to Iraq through American domination and militarism what other course could it reasonably pursue? Seeing how Israel dominates the region through its military and technological capabilities, remembering how the Israelis attacked the Iraqi Ossirak nuclear reactor, and knowing how the Israelis are continually plotting against them, building up their forces is hardly unusual or unreasonable. Neither Pax Americana nor Pax Israelica is something the Iranians have much interest in.

Today in Washington the so-called "Iranian Resistance" (formal name the National Council of Resistance of Iran) is going to be doing its thing -- helping with the containment of post-Shah Iran and setting the stage, on behalf of the Americans and Israelis whether by design or result, for possible military conflict with Iran. When the time comes, those second-generation cruise missiles and stealth bombers are just the tools needed to de-arm Iran, as well as Iraq.

The "National Council of Resistance of Iran" is one of those shaddowy groups that have learned, and been taught, how to manipulate and use the media. They hold an expensive press conference today at the lush Madison Hotel in Washington to denouce Iran's biological weapons program. They claim they have new facts and details. And they probably do. It's pretty clear that the CIA and the Mossad want the word out; and they can't so easily hold such press conferences and pass around hand-outs themselves.

Ehud Barak, Yitzhak Rabin's successor in Israel, has repeatedly been saying, and in public, that it is Iran which is the real threat to Israel. And Madeleine Albright has recently been in Moscow, as has Ariel Sharon by the way, pressing the Russians to cut off Iran from modern technology and placing sanctions on specific Russian institutes, rather than the whole country.

The world is going to be hearing alot more about the "Iranian threat" in the year ahead. The context is "Dual Containment". The result is quite likely to be much more bloodshed, much more hatred, much more "instability".



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