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_              MID-EAST REALITIES and the new 21st Century

Time has different dimensions in the area known as the Middle East -- itself nomenclature signifying European and Western domination of the area as well as the era.  The 20th century began with Ottoman control, a nascent "Arab awakening", the emergence of oil as a crucial historical element, and then the "Balfour Declaration".  It became a century in which the region was looted of its black gold, drenched in its own blood, subjected to Western conspiracies cleverly designed to continually divide and subjugate, then twisted by petrodollars.  It became a century in which the "Arab world" was turned upon itself with the enthronement of "client regimes" loyal not to their peoples but to their foreign masters; the "Arab awakening" itself arrested, prostrated, and distorted beyond recognition.

The 21st century begins with never-greater Western domination coupled with a resurgent and reactive "Islamic awakening".  Western armies now permeate the region holding ever-more-tightly to Arabia.  Still-growing Israeli military and technological superiority, nurtured and financed by the West, dominates the area.  A new Western-Turkish-Israeli alliance threatens to more completely eclipse Arab power and concerns.  Millions of refugees remain scattered throughout the region while petrodollars have been drained to foreign accounts of a fractional dysfunctional elite.  Armaments continue to flow into the region at an ever-increasing pace, still further dividing the now impoverished area from itself while still further draining if of its remaining resources.
Foreign intelligence agencies practice their trade with ever-greater sophistication as foreign corporations and banks soak up the regions wealth.  Omni-present are repression and submission to false authority, certainly not to God, nor to justice or truth.  And in the greatest conspiracy-deception of them all, a novel form of Middle Eastern apartheid is being imposed on the "Holy Land" masked with the cunningly treacherous terminology of "peace process".

There is technological advance -- albeit usually used for subjugation rather than social advancement.  There is cultural progress -- though usually manipulated by dominant Western societies and not authentic to the region.  There are occasional acts of courage and determination -- though usually quickly pushed under or extinguished by the powers that be.

These then are among the usually hidden and hushed-up realities of today's Middle East.  And we will have an update soon about our own "Mid-East Realities".

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