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 "It is not easy to open wounds, it's very painful.
 But if you don't want them to fester you must open
 them and cleanse them and then pour balm onto them."*

  Bishop Desmund Tutu
  Chairman, South Africa Commission on Truth and Reconciliation

[MER - 2/17/97 - In South Africa, after the fall of apartheid, the crimes of the former regime are finally coming into the open through the process of a "Truth and Reconciliation" Commission which is empowered to pardon those who come forward to tell their grissly and bloody stories. If there is ever to be a true peace and reconciliaton between Israeli Zionism and Palestinian nationalism sometime in the future -- certainly not as the result of the current 'peace process' -- something similar will have to take place in the area of the promised land. Biship Desmund Tutu is the Chairman of this commission in South Africa]
 * CBS News, "60 Minutes", 2/16/97

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