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 "A few years ago Arafat secretly sent his
 long-time personal aide, 'Dr. Sami', to the
 American southwest to visit the Indian tribes...
 Reservations for the Palestinians is indeed what
 "autonomy" and "redeployment" and "by-pass roads"
 are all about."


MER Editorial - Washington - 28 Sept 1997:

Yasser Arafat looked like a wooden Indian today at the White House.
Flanking the President on his left, with Bibi Netanyahu on the right, Arafat
was little more than a prop for Clinton's divert-me-from-Monica comments.
The collusive press dutifully did its thing, reporting "progress" in the
"peace process" and shouting a few obvious questions, all of which Bill
answered while Bibi watched with a hint of a smile and Yasser stood rigid
in his wooden Indian pose.

The Americans, and the Israelis too, are rather desperate these days. Bill
of course wants to avoid impeachment by acting Presidential -- that's
what today's White House photo op was really mostly about. But beyond
those low politics considerations there is the high politics of the
historical moment that will far outlive all three of those who posed
for the cameras in the White House today.

No matter what they say in public, the U.S. and Israel very much want to
conclude Oslo III with Yasser Arafat before he is gone -- naturally or
otherwise. If there were a serious Palestinian nationalist strategy, which
unfortunately there is not because there are no longer any independent
and potent Palestinian institutions on the international stage, it would be
to in fact prevent any new agreements while Yasser is still around to do
the dirty deed.

Yasser was brought to Washington this morning -- after extended pep
and warning talks with Madeleine Albright in New York -- read the riot act,
told to repress and suppress his people some more, told not to dare
declare a Palestinian State in his afternoon U.N. address, and then
trotted out in front of the press while the American President uttered his
own lines twisting and distorting as he is now so well-known for.

The world is now overly exposed to the low lies of this particular American
President. But when it comes to high-diplomacy dealing with the "Middle
East Peace Process" American Presidents have engaged in this kind of
word twists and political manipulation for a very long time. The very term
"peace process" would involve perjury charges if an international political
Grand Jury were ever convened.

As for Arafat's wooden Indian pose -- how fitting. A few years ago Arafat
secretly sent his long-time personal aide, "Dr. Sami", to the American
southwest to visit the Indian tribes in the area. And he wasn't there to
vacation or buy trinkets. Reservations for the Palestinians is indeed what
"autonomy" and "redeployment" and "by-pass roads" are all about. And
Arafat is the chosen and manipulated agent to sign and legitimize these
"autonomy" agreements and to set up an "authority" to police these
modern-day Reservations -- complete with gambling casinos, alcohol,
drugs, repression, and demoralization.


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