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MER - Washington - 3/15/2000:  Make no mistake about it.  When it comes to Middle East policies today's Washington beats to the drum of the Israeli-Jewish lobby, the Clinton Administration quite literally in its pocket and the time now come to cash in toward all that can be reached for.

Bill Clinton was brought to Washington with tremendous support from many key persons and groups long-associated with the multi-tentacled Israeli-Jewish lobby; and his Vice-President, Al Gore, was chosen with the lobby's encouragement and blessings.

Clinton then essentially turned over the "peace process" and Middle East policies to a group of dually-loyal American Jews, however offensive some find this nevertheless quite appropriate term. From the National Security Council to the State Department to the nearly all-Jewish all-Zionist negotiating team, practically everyone involved in an important policy position in the Clinton/Gore Administration either graduated from Washington's Israeli-lobby school or was approved by them.

Now the biggest push ever is on to cash in on all that has come before by achieving for Israel as much political, financial, military, and historical support as possible.

The real Israeli goal at this point -- however much denied -- is to push hard and fast to establish a pax-Israelica in the region, in close coordination with Washington's pax-America.  It is a regional control strategem that is to be guaranteed by the presence of U.S. forces on the Golan Heights and even a signed U.S.-Israeli military alliance built on top of the long-standing de facto one.

With overwhelming military, intelligence, and economic power; and with international agreements that can then be used to justify whatever is to come, including war if anyone in the region should attempt to seriously resist, Israeli domination of the region is to be secured through the "peace process" for the foreseeable future.

With compliant Arab client-regimes on every border; and with a fractured, demoralized, and controlled Palestinian population allowed to fly its flag proclaiming statehood but everywhere subject to Israeli check-points and domination; the Israelis sense the chance at fulfilling their ambitions for domination and "security" far more than was imaginable just a few years ago.

The Palestinians are trapped in a "deal" -- one originally proposed by Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon in years past -- that corrals them onto "autonomous" reservation-like "population centers" with Jews-only "by-pass roads", Arabs-only "free passage zones", and everywhere "settlements" and "military areas" that essentially create a mind-boggling political swiss-cheese forever undermining any truly meaningful Statehood as well as previously applicable international demands and U.N. Security Council Resolutions, including 242.

Yasser Arafat, through his collection of a dozen or more "security forces" now working in tandem with the CIA and Mossad, is essentially the warden of the Gaza prison and the enforcer of the "autonomous" West Bank areas.  It is indeed appropriate to call his regime "the Authority" of this mish-mash craziness that has no precedent anywhere else anytime else.

The Jordanian Regime has consolidated the long-time behind-the-scenes Hashemite-Zionist alliance, its secret police now working ever more close with the Israelis, the CIA, and "the Authority" enabling the King's entourage in Amman to live high while the people of the area sink further into despair and misery...the Iraqi cousins still under siege and largely destroyed in the process of the "peace process".

The Syrians, now led by a failed and nearly "stuffed animal" dictator who can't even think clearly anymore, are being bribed with billions on the one hand, threatened with the Iraq/Yugoslavia metaphor on the other, in order that Hafez Assad and his successor circle be twisted and frightened into choosing acquiescence rather than an going confrontation their poor and rusting country can hardly sustain.  It's a manufactured regional political/economic defeat for Damascus similar to that suffered by Moscow on the world stage a decade ago.

The other Arabs, including key players in Saudi Arabia and Cairo, have long been brought into the American orbit and long-ago forfeited the possibility of any independent Arab policies that could stand up to this massive historical onslaught to remake the once Arab world into an American/Israeli playground.

In the weeks ahead, watch for Bill Clinton, propped up by his Israeli-Jewish lobby minions, to push hard and fast in coordination with the Israelis.  He is their chosen instrument not only to manipulate his Arab "friends", but to push through far greater money and support for Israel than most Americans, especially most foreign policy experts, feel comfortable with.  The days of Mossad's bugging Bill's late night Oval Office sex talk with Monica are all but forgotten; but Jonathan Pollard remains a symbol the Israelis will push to get when the time is ripe.

Meanwhile, watch for the Arab regimes, Arafat's first in line unless Assad can be made to take the jump soon, to push hard for bundles of money and lucrative under-the-table deals for their chums, as they scramble to see just who will be sitting when the music for this round of Middle East musical chairs ends.

Modern-day politicians, however much they claim otherwise, nearly always think short-term in our caotic fast-paced world.  The unjust and deceptive seeds sown today can be expected to grow after those on stage at the moment have passed on.  And what is yet to come in the history of the Middle East as a result of what is now taking place may be very distorted, very bitter, and very militant.  For at the same time that the "peace process" proceeds, the region continues to arm in unprecedented ways and a future of missiles, chemicals, bio agents, and simmering hatreds is not being prevented.  Indeed, despite all the denials, it is the future now being brought about.

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