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 "Soldiers went to homes in the village of Issawiyeh
 in the middle of the night... Six homes and 48 tents
 were destroyed without warning."  AP - 4/23


While in the U.S. federal marshalls used considerably force and went to much
expense to return a single son to a single father, over in "the Holy Land"
families are ripped apart, homes destroyed, and lives ruined day in and day
out with hardly a whimper of sympathy or concern.  Indeed, on the same day
of the Elian reunion many more Palestinian children were traumatized and
made homeless in the middle of the night.

In Israel the difference between Labor and Likud when it comes to the
Palestinians has always been much more a matter of public relations than
reality.  Likud, the "Bad Cop".  Labor, the "Good Cop".

Both Israeli parties are headed by former top-ranking Generals, each with
considerable blood and assassination on their personal records.  Indeed
Generals Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon are friends who have worked intimately
together for many years, including during the terribly bloody wars in
Lebanon of recent times.

True enough, the Israelis couldn't get away with this charade so audaciously
if it were not for the muddled and inept connivance of the Arafat regime and
those in power in Arab capitals, especially Cairo and Amman and Riyadh.  But
even so much of the media, especially the Israeli-centered news network CNN,
willingly cooperate in portraying things other than they really are.

Approximately 3000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by the Israelis
just since the Start of the Intifada in 1987.  About 20,000 Palestinians have
been made homeless.  Extrapolating this to the U.S. population, the equivalent
would be more than a quarter million U.S. homes destroyed by the army in the
middle of the night, nearly 2 million Americans made homeless!  And so there
are many many little Palestinian Elians needlessly suffering from trauma,
homelessness, and family separation.  And none of them have teams of lawyers
and psychiatrists to help, not even a camera or two from the world's media
so busy telling us all of every tear and cry from Elian.

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