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  T H E     G H E T T O S    O F    P A L E S T I N E

     Yitzhak Mordechai
     Israeli Army Chief of Staff

[MID-EAST REALITIES - WASHINGTON - 4/13/97:    It's true of course, the arms provided to the "Palestinian Authority" are quite limited, mostly "approved" and "registered", and the Israelis have actually worked out with Arafat's people procedures for accounting for individual bullets!

That said, however, there are many important considerations not mentioned by General Mordechai.   Most important of all the Israeli army has never really left the Palestinians towns -- rather it has surrounded them. All means of entrance and exit are controlled by the Israelis. Indeed the Israelis are quite pleased with these arrangements for they no longer have to do the actually street control within Palestinian cities, while nevertheless controlling everything that goes in or comes out from these autonomous areas that resemble modern-day Indian reservations.

Back more than ten years ago a video documentary was made about "Gaza Ghetto." Now, in the wake of the Oslo "peace process" there is also "Nablus Ghetto," "Hebron Ghetto", "Ramallah Ghetto", etc.  Indeed, since 1993 it has become more and more difficult for Palestinians in the occupied territories even to travel between cities. In fact well over 90% of the Palestinian population is prohibited from even visiting Jerusalem, and it is actually illegal for those few who do to stay overnight in the city.

  See "ARAB GHETTO IN JERUSALEM" - an MER Editorial:

It is for these reasons that the Israelis would very much prefer to continue the "Oslo peace process", using the Palestinian police as their own, and insisting that the test of Palestinian compliance is the impossible one of ending all terrorism.  This serves to keep the Palestinians on a very short leash; and gives the Israelis the excuse, anytime they wish it , to tighten the screws still further and, should they ever really want to, to "recapture" everything with little trouble.

As for "terrorism", the Israelis are no fools.  They know very well that they are forcing the Palestinians into subjugation; and they know very well that their oppression of the Palestinians is being racheted up, not down. They know very well indeed that Israeli policies are actually driving opposition groups deeper underground, creating growing tensions within Palestinian society, and creating the conditions for an eventual Palestinian civil war which may have been the main goal of Oslo in the first place.

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