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                        April & May 2000
              Norway, Palestine, Israel, Switzerland,
             Germany, US, Canada, England, Costa Rica


Kudos to you and your staff.  MER is the best periodical source on the
Middle East that I have ever read.
        J. Patrick Steinmetz, California

Dear Sirs,
Many thanks for your coverage and criticism.
Real critics are too few these days!
Particularly here in Oslo!

    All the best,
    Arne Oerum - Oslo, Norway

I am one of your subscribers. I enjoy MER very much and find it
the best source of information around on Mideast affairs....
Again, you do a fantastic work.


Thank you for your informative quotes and insights.
            Ruth Lieberman, Israel

Dear Mer,
I am a regular reader of your emails. I find your work very outstanding and
I congratulate you for your relentless efforts  in providing a real picture
about Palestine and the affairs of the Middle East.

     Sincerely Hala -
     Berlin, Germany, Ph.D student from Palestine

Please add my name to your distribution list. Thank you.

    Ambassador William Rugh - AMIDEAST

Thank you for all the work you are doing. Best wishes,
    Andreas Kaplony - Switzerland

I appreciate your considerable efforts.  I feel it is effective in
bringing Middle East justice for all concerned.

    Stan Clark

Subject: Re: Arab-American Orgs - A Pathetic Mess
Wow Honesty from MER. Will wonders never cease.

         Marvin I. Lewis


Thanks for the email, very revealing today. You appear to be unbiased -
or is there a political alliance at MER that I haven't become aware of....

        Jean Toponce

I am travelling to the Middle East for the UN for about 6 weeks. I plan to
resume on my return. I appreciate your organization.
    Sincerely, Peter L. Pellett. - University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Dear MER,
 I have always relied on your information and analysis when it
comes to Arab and or Islamic groups in this country. Thanks you!

I would like, please, to receive MERLIST messages regularly on the subject
of Palestine.  (Someone forwarded your Sharon/Barak message to me and I
found it v. interesting.)
        Zoë Mars - Academic Secretary, University of Sussex

Your doing great work.  Please send articles to
       Chris Barghout

I would be interested in receiving updates from MER regularily.
Thank-you very much,
    Kim Alphandary - Costa Rica

I enjoy reading your articles. A refreshing point of view...
Thank you for your wonderful efforts

    Mohammad Mafi, Ph.D., P.E.
    Union College - Schenectady, NY

Please Send MER.
thank you for the good and crucial work of telling the truth.

        Dan Simmons

Please put me on your E-Mail list.  I find your message to be truthful
and needed!
         Matthew Karres, Webtv

Thanks for the good laugh-what scathing remarks (the Ashrawi piece)...
That was another brilliant commentary.  I used to admire her a lot...
Now you have given me a new lense to see through...  I'm impressed.
    Andrea - Norway

To whom it may concern,
    I would like to subscribe to the MER mailing list.
I have heard that it is a highly informative, factual
and reliable source of information on Middle Eastern issues.

    Thank You,
    Dr. Salah Asfour

Hi! What an awesome Website MER is!  It's Quite INFORMATIVE!
I lived in the Mid-East from 1982-1986. Imagine what I had been through?
Please let me know what I can do to help!

    Jadore Avi

I have been introduced to your work recently think it is a positive step
toward change...  I also feel that your work can rise to higher levels if
solutions or alternative ideas are provided.   I suggest you address
your issues of concern by giving Arab thinkers the chance to provide
solutions to different challanges, not only criticism is needed but also
alternative solutions and ideas.
        Saleem Abughoush - Palestine
        Technical Support Unit for the Joint Economic Committee

11 May 2000

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