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                                                    INTIFADA II

MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 5/16:

If Intifada II has now finally begun, it if fitting, it is needed, and it is welcome.  But this time in history there is a kind of triple occupation of the Palestinians which needs to be better understood and which explains why it is even more difficult now for the Palestinians to break free.

Of course there is the Israeli military occupation -- and in many ways it is cunningly more oppressive and more complete than ever, commando General Barak now in full command of both political and military institutions.

Then there is the sub-occupation, the Arafat Regime, of which we have said much already and will say much more.

And, in addition, had it not been for the more overreaching occupation of the western-imposed and western-sponsored Arab "client regimes" in the region -- especially the Hashemites in Amman and the al-Sauds in Arabia -- things would never have come to the low point they are at today.

Tragically, the price is high and still growing.  Nearly every Palestinian home has directly experienced death, imprisonment, torture, and dispossession.

Just imagine.  If just this new Intifada II were happening to a country with a population the size of the United States, just this month alone approximately 80,000 Americans would have been injured by the guns and clubs of the occupying army!  Moreover some 170,000 Americans would be directly in the prisons of the occupying army with many more held by the sub-occupation "authority" and millions of additional refugees living in squalid camps under the brutally repressive thumbs of the Arab "client regimes" who have allowed this all to take place.  No...wrong...who have made it possible for all this to take place throughout most of the last century.

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