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      "The Authority is like the 40 thieves and Arafat
    is Ali Baba. We got rid of the Israeli occupation.
    Now we are under Palestinian...occupation."

    "The corruption is, in fact, part of the peace
    process itself. Many PA officials are appointees
    who would not be elected in popular polls. They
    are awarded so-called VIP passes by Israel,
    allowing them to travel freely and putting them
    at risk of losing such privileges if they are
    critical of Israel."

MID-EAST REALITIES -- www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 5/22:

Those who read and support MID-EAST REALITIES did not have to wait to May of 2000 to find out about the corruption and stink eminating from the Arafat Regime; and more importantly the geo-strategic and political reasons that this stink has been purposefully nurtured by the Israelis and the Americans.

From the start over three years ago, and at times when it has been quite difficult and certainly politically incorrect to do so, MER has focused on the corruption, repression, brutality, and incompetence of what is known as the "Arafat Regime".  And we've named names when it was important to do so, including repeatedly calling for Nabil Shaath's resignation and indictment, something now long overdue.  (Ed Note: Shaath is the equivalent of Arafat's top man, a kind of Chief of Staff and de facto Prime Minister rolled into one, and a man suspected of close intelligence connections with the CIA as well as intelligence services of the Arab client regimes.)

Though we have been unable as yet to make available at our website all the hundreds of articles MER has published, many are available and can be now easily searched by going to:  http://www.MiddleEast.Org/search.htm

Now for their own reasons at this particular time the Israelis are encouraging articles portraying Arafat and company in the negative light deserved -- even if of course the Israeli reasons are disengenuous and clearly designed to put more pressure on Arafat to knuckle under even more or face the consequences.

Hence, in a detailed expose published in this week's edition of Newsweek entitled "Something Rotten in Palestine," Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority is described as a "Mafia State."

The article begins with a description of how the "Palestine Authority" confiscated land from local resident Mahmoud Hamdouni several years ago, in order to build a multi-million dollar casino there.  "Accused by Palestinian security services of treason two years ago, he was freed from jail only after he signed over his land to the Palestinian Authority," writes Newsweek.

The article details various examples of corruption among top PA officials, and
notes that the corrupt system is made possible by the very way Yasser Arafat conducts his affairs.  The article however skips over and misrepresents so much, including how much the Israelis and the Americans have contributed to the creation of precisely this kind of corrupt, despised and feared regime to further divide, control, manipulate, and demoralize the Palestinian people.

The Newsweek article predicts that in the near future, Palestinians will direct most of their fury not at Israel, but at the "stinking" Arafat regime.

But that would be succumbing too much to one of the Israeli game plans.  Maybe there will be enough fury for both the Israelis and the "Authority".  They certainly both deserve it; and in a sense deserve each other!

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