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 "And we didn't encourage Jewish terrorism?...
 Don't make life easy for yourself!  Yitzhak
 Shamir's people are still proud of having
 thrown grenades into Arab markets in the 30s.
 There are rabbis who preach genocide against
 the Palestinians...  We took everything from
 the Palestinians, we humiliate them every day
 and then we expect concessions from them.
 They owe us nothing!"

                            Shulamet Aloni

Such blunt honesty is unusual of course; but one occassionally finds it from Israelis when they are speaking among themselves.  In this case, it surprisingly got into print.  This very well-known liberal Israeli personality, long associated with the Meretz Party that is now part of the Barak coalition, made this comment -- somewhat spontaneously it seems -- when interviewed in the "Jerusalem Report" weekly and asked why she doesn't condenm Arafat and the Palestinian Authority for allowing Hamas to exist.

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