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                       OH REALLY?

MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 5/30/00:

Sometimes in a moment of spontaneous candor someone misspeaks the truth.  Now here's a man representing a country that turned another people into refugees, took their lands and homes, and is now trying to "separate" them permanently from the greater part of that country and most of their rights; who just happened to say something he didn't quite mean.  It's a bit reminiscent of when General Barak said a few years ago that if he would have been born a Palestinian he would have become a "terrorist".

Here's what Israel's Deputy Defense Minister (Barak is actually Defense Minister in addition to Prime Minister) had to say earlier this month in reference to the few thousand people involved in Israel's SLA (Southern Lebanese Army):

 "The door is open to anyone who fought with us,
 no matter what his rank, no matter what his position,
 but we do not encourage everyone to do so because...
 it's very cruel to turn someone into a refugee"
                  Deputy Defense Minister of Israel, Ephraim Sneh

Dear Mr. Sneh:

The Palestinian refugee population is today the largest in the world, Mr. Sneh,  going on 4 million mostly now living in nearby countries in the Middle East. And there are many refugee camps under your own military occupation and "autonomous" control - don't think you've fooled everyone with the "Palestinian Authority" abomination.  Clearly Mr. Sneh you have lead something of a confused and sheltered life when it comes to the millions of Palestinian refugees if you can make such a comment about a few thousand Lebanese whom you used for your own purposes and then discarded while so many real refugees are directly attributable to your blind policies for the last 50+ years.  "Very cruel" indeed Mr. Sneh.  And that's why you can expect more resistance, more fighting, and more bloodshed in the years ahead; and no matter what you coerce Yasser Arafat to sign in the days ahead all the refugees you have so cruelly created will continue to await and fight for real justice and true atonement.

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