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Just think about it indeed.  The Arafat crowd has put the historical fate of the
Palestinian people in the hands of the Americans, and especially those of Bill
Clinton and associates.  Plus of course the real guiding hands are those of Israel's Labor Party with General Barak in the drivers seat over there and his cohorts who
run the Israeli/Jewish lobby really in charge over here.

Now General Barak and his friend General Sharon, they have been screwing the Palestinians all their lives.  It's been deception, trickery, war, assassination going back to the beginning.  And now when they openly say that a "Palestinian
State" is necessary for Israel's security they aren't kidding -- except its not a real Palestinian State at all, it's just the latest encarnation of sugjugation and oppression.

This whole arrangement does't benefit the Palestinian people, that's for sure.  They  have become further divided and fractured, further dispossessed and impoverished, and more controlled and manipulated than ever before.  Rather, this arrangement benefits the Israelis who are finally implementing "autonomy" in the guise of the Arafat regime, the Americans who are consolidating their hold on the region in the guise of the "new world order" and a treacherously volatile "peace", and the regional Arab "client regimes" who desperately seek continuing American protection.

As for the Americans, well the story of Bill Clinton's "Kosher Kitchen" and how
his Administration is rampant with Israeli lobby personalities who quite literally control things when it comes to the Middle East...we have told parts of this story over the years but it needs to be constantly remembered.

Meanwhile, the latest little Washington scandal goes something like this.

Bill Clinton was about to be impeached.
Courts ordered White House records produced.
Now, post-impeachment, it turns out more than a quarter million email
messages from that period were mysteriously overlooked -- "a glitch" says Bill.
And now, the "glitch" having been finally discovered, it's going to take
$10 million to find everything -- many of the backup tapes have been mislabeled
or can't be found we're told.
And, get this, the results of all this won't be available till about
"Thanksgiving" time -- conveniently after the date Al Gore plans to be elected
President to keep order after Bill has gone to Hollywood.

Conclusion:  The Clinton Administration has either taken outright lying to a new level in official Washington (just as they have done with fund-raising)...or they
are even more confused and buggling than we had thought.  Either choice suggests
not to either count on or trust them.

And while we're at it, let's not forget that we've also just learned this is an American administration that has managed to have some of its computers, with the nation's most vital secrets, stolen...and can't quite figure out how and by whom.

Meanwhile, as the crucial "final status" "negotiations" proceed -- former Israeli lobby man Ambassador Dennis Ross now brokering the deal in person -- Arafat and his little cabal of corrupts and incompetents have turned over the fate of the Palestinian people to an American administration that can't even manage its email and to the very Israelis who have slaughtered and dispossessed them for decades!
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