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The buzz around town today is how the FBI has a major investigation underway of Israeli bugging of the highest U.S. government officials.
If confirmed this is potentially the most damaging scandal yet in U.S.-Israeli relations.  It may not be possible for the Congress to overlook this situation this time, as it has always done in the past when Israel was involved.

More than a decade ago now it was Jonathan Pollard, a American Jew spying for Israel who did more damage to American intelligence gathering -- sources and information -- than any person in modern history.  The Israelis denied and denied and denied.  In the end they confessed and have been desperately trying to get Pollard free so he could "return" to his "homeland."  They've even set up a once-secret bank account in Tel Aviv where every months thousands of dollars are deposited awaiting Pollard's arrival.

Last year the story began to leak of Mossad spying on the sex conversations between Bill Clinton from the Oval Office and Monica Lewinsky at her Watergate apartment, the apparent purpose being to hold this over Clinton's head for political gain, including the "pardon" of Pollard.  Even though the Congress impeached the President it refused to investigate these substantial allegations.

Now it has been learned that a major, maybe an unprecedented, FBI counterintelligence investigation has uncovered Israeli spying on telephone conversations throughout Washington using remote telecommunications sites in the U.S.  Among those penetrated by Israeli intelligence:  The State Department, The National Security Council and the White House!

Please note:  This is a breaking story just now coming forward from Washington's world of top secret matters.  MER has been aware of some aspects of this for some time but unfortunately our ability to do independent investigation and follow-up is extremely limited.  We report on such matters when we believe the information to be accurate but especially with such intelligence matters we have to leave serious investigation and confirmation to others in the media.

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