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Jim Zogby - Chief Arab-American Whore in Washington

Washington Scene (a regular MER feature):

         Jim Zogby - Chief Arab-American Whore in Washington

MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington, DC - 6/15:

Never has an American Government been more in sync and more dominated by the Israeli-Jewish lobby than during recent years.  Never has an American President been more in bed with and beholden to the Israeli-Jewish lobby than has Bill Clinton.  Never has a former official of the Israeli-Jewish lobby (incidentally not even an American citizen at the time Clinton was elected President) been appointed Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East!  And never has a "negotiating team" representing the U.S. been nearly completely made up of Jewish American Zionists with long and close connections to the Israeli-Jewish lobby.

Thus the opportunity to appear otherwise, to confuse the unknowing, to give the impression of "even-handedness", is one the Clinton Administration seeks.  And with all efforts at the moment being extended to trap Yasser Arafat into a "final status" Camp-David-type "agreement" before his term is over, Clinton is clearly looking for opportunities to get applauded by Americans of Arab background.

Step forward the man who surely must be Washington's biggest Arab-American political whore, James Zogby and his Saudi-sponsored "Arab-American Institute" (AAI)

The stories about Zogby are legend, including a long family legacy of clandestine involvement with the American government and CIA.  Indeed, MER was the first to publish a few years ago that a Zogby was the first CIA Station Chief in Lebanon in the 1950s.

Two years ago Zogby arranged a forum of on-the-make Arab American business types so that Bill Clinton could become the first American President to appear before a convention of Arab Americans.  Clinton knew very well what a political gift was being handed to him; a chance to counter the image and the reality that he was simply Israel's man in the White House.

So last evening, unannounced in advance, Clinton decided it would be a good idea for him to do it again.  He gave Zogby a call and two hours later rewarded Zogby (but actually of course used him) by letting JZ announce to the unknowing audience at the "Khalil Gibran Spirit of Humanity Awards Dinner" (another of the many Zogby scams) that the next speaker was going to be the President of the United States.

For more about Zogby and what he is all about use the new MER search capability at: http://www.MiddleEast.Org/search.htm

One of Zogby's latest and biggest scams, by the way, was something called BUILDERS FOR PEACE.  Millions were allocated by Congress and foundations to help build up the Palestinian economy after Arafat came to Washington and signed up with the Americans at Israeli urgings.  Zogby and friends were paid large amounts of money to help bring about "Builders For Peace."  Vice-President Gore was a big promoter and very much involved...until...

But then, somewhat mysteriously, the whole "Builders For Peace" collapsed in economic disaster and now the American government is stuck with the loan guarantees.  Nothing was built for the Palestinian people.  Many millions of dollars were stolen by persons associated with Arafat and the "Palestinian Authority", including Nabil Shaath, Arafat's de facto Prime Minister, himself with close connections to the Americans and many shady business dealings.  Zogby personally and others associated with him received hundreds of thousands of dollars that they kept even when everything they said they were doing turned out to be deceptive and dishonest.  The Cairo-Amman Bank -- used by the "Builders For Peace" has been sued for helping Arafat's people steal millions; and now the PLO is being sued for running away with more money (some think with Zogby's knowledge and help incidentally).

And by the way, that Assistant Secretary of State who use to be an Israeli-Jewish lobby official and whom none other than Zogby publicly and loudly endorsed for the job.  Well, in another of those quiet pay-offs, Zogby then arranged for his son to become the man's assistant at the Department of State.

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