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Demolitions Continue -- Bulldozing The Future

  "This is just one more in a long list of
  crimes perpetrated by the Israeli
  occupation against the Palestinians of
  Jerusalem, proving yet again the Israeli
  ethnic cleansing policy against the
  Palestinian people, especially those in

MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington, DC - 6/15/00:

While Hafez el-Assad was being buried in Damascus, and while the next round of American-mandated "peace process" talks was beginning near Washington, the Israelis
were busy Tuesday morning showing everyone but one more time who is boss and how they plan to enforce the "separation" that essentially awards the Israelis 4/5ths of Mandate Palestine, leaving the Palestinians a few Israeli-surrounded areas centered around their remaining "population centers".

The details in this little sad story are from one of the Palestinian non-governmental human rights organizations that monitors these things.  As for Arafat, he obviously cares little for he hasn't even been able to stop this ongoing display of Israeli domination and continues to play ball with the Israelis even while Jewish settlement expansion and demolition of Palestinian homes continue:


On Tuesday June 13 2000, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished the
260 m² Jabal Al Mukabber home of 34 year-old Hamza Ahmad Mohammad Al
Maghribi from Jerusalem. It was demolished by order of the Israeli Ministry
of Interior, under the justification that no construction license had been
obtained from the West Jerusalem municipality. During the demolition the
furniture inside the house was also destroyed...  A large number of Israeli
police, supported by the ‘border police’ stormed the Abidat Quarter at Jabal
Al Mukabber at 8am yesterday and sealed off all the roads leading to it.
The Maghribi family were given half an hour to evacuate their house.

At 8:30am Israeli bulldozers, protected by the police, knocked the house
down. The Maghribi family were not permitted to save their furniture or even
their personal belongings. Furthermore, the Israeli police attacked and
arrested several Palestinians during the demolition, including Riyad Al
Shwaiki, Muhanad Al Maghribi and a member of the ‘Peace Now’ organization,
who were held in police custody for several hours.

Hamza Ahmad Mohammad Al Maghribi said that his home had been built in 1992.
He received a demolition notice a month ago "because the house was not
licensed", and a license had been given to him to renovate the old building.
He also said that he had applied for a license several times. The demolition
order had in fact been suspended pending a court hearing due to be held on
July 12 2000, but the Interior Ministry bulldozers arrived before the case
was heard.  Al Maghribi’s demolished home sheltered ten members of his
family, including his wife, 62 year-old mother, and seven children aged
between 4 and 15.

Al Maghribi emphasised...that he had spent around one million Shekels
(approximately US $250,000) on constructing and furnishing his home. He
said that the occupation authorities had also sent a notice to his brother
Nasser Al Maghribi informing him that his home would be demolished one
week after Hamza’s.

This is just one more in a long list of crimes perpetrated by the Israeli
occupation against the Palestinians of Jerusalem, proving yet again the
Israeli ethnic cleansing policy against the Palestinian people, especially
those in Jerusalem.

In the meantime, the case of the Aqel family of Mount Scopus was taken to
court. On May 11 2000 the family had received a demolition order from the
West Jerusalem municipality, after pressure from the Hebrew University which
claims to own the land. The court postponed its decision on the demolition
until 30 September 2000.

During the hearing, about 45 people, mainly Hebrew University students,
protested in front of the court against the Israeli home demolition policy
and the action of the Hebrew University.  The students collected more than
500 letters against the demolition, which they are going to present to the
University president, Professor Megidor, in the coming week.  Until now the
president has refused to receive the students.

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