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MER FLASHBACK - Washington Scene - 2 years ago:
                      JUST CALL ME "UNCLE JIM"

 "I am delighted to call Jim Zogby my friend. We share values and
 passions... He is also far more willing to meet and work (publicly!)
 with the Jewish community than many of our leaders are with the
 Arab American community..."

               Rabbi Jack Moline
                    Washington Jewish Week, 12/19/96

MER - June 1998:

 In essence Zogby is essentially a Public Relations hack for the Saudis
 and other Arab client regimes. Others might consider him a kind of
 political mistress -- after all a lot of attractive women come to DC and find
 themselves in such "compromised" relationships; and something similar
 happens with guys like Zogby whose tongues, rather than bodies, are for
 sale if the price is right.

 And still others take seriously the long-heard rumors of Zogby family ties
 to the CIA going back some years, including a certain Ghosm Zogby who
 it now comes out was the first CIA station chief in Beirut in the 50s
 (though Jim Zogby refuses to discuss the family "connections").

 Masquerading with the media as the spokesman for Arab Americans --
 Jim Zogby is the Arab for all seasons. He is the darling of the Arab client
 regimes and they do all they can to push him forward and arm him with
 money and contacts; the Uncle Tom for American Jews who always call
 on him to arrange meetings and "dialog" with "the Arabs"; the co-opted
 Arab contact for the politicos whenever they need a place to give a
 speech and get their pictures "Kosher Kitchen" Bill Clinton did
 last evening.

 With substantial financial help from the regimes and their friends, Zogby
 made himself President of the "Arab American Institute" (AAI) he created
 a decade ago after getting thrown out on the street from the
 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) when the stench
 got too great even for them. Zogby just picked right up and rolled right
 over ADC, which too this day fears him and refuses to challenge him.

 Ever since Zogby has been pushed forward by various regimes and
 political/ financial interests, especially the Saudis who feature him weekly
 on their cable TV channel that continually propagandizes Arab
 Americans. Here too remember: just think of Arab Network of America
 (ANA) as Saudi Cable TV for Arab Americans.

 The amazing thing about Zogby is that many Arabs Americans -- even
 those distant from Washington realities, and even many of those who
 interact regularly with him -- consider him the biggest Uncle Tom ever. He
 recently upset even some of his sympathizers when it was leaked in the
 Al-QUDS AL-ARABI, a London-based Arabic, newspaper that he
 suggested increasing the sanctions on Iraq instead of the bombing!

 "I have a stake in seeing that Israel's aid does not
 get cut... Anybody who raises the question of
 cutting aid to Israel puts the peace process at risk."

   James Zogby
        Christian Science Monitor - 10/19/98

 And it was only a few years ago that Zogby publicly complimented Bill
 Clinton for his appointments to the White House, National Security
 Council, and State Department, even though never before in history has
 an American government been so riddled with former officials of the
 Israeli/Jewish lobby. He even went out of his way in public to single out
 Martin Indyk, the man who formerly ran the Israeli lobby think-tank, for
 compliments, helping consolidate his appointment first to the National
 Security Council and more recently as Assistant Secretary of State for
 the Middle East!

 Gee, there must have been extra checks to "Uncle Jim" for that one! Of
 course Zogby always says, when cornered, that he was "misquoted" or
 "misunderstood". But the damage Zogby causes to the political
 representation of Arab Americans is immense and continual. Examples
 are numerous.

 Last year, for instance, when the crisis of the Har Homa settlement was
 escalating the Palestinian "Authority" sent the "minister" of Higher
 Education, Hanan Ashrawi, to Washington. Zogby held a press
 conference for Ashrawi; but then dominated it himself. As with other Arab
 American political events, most of the attendees were Palestinian and
 Arab American. No attempts were made to invite outsiders or
 representatives of progressive groups who could suggest insights,
 solutions, or plans for actions from their own experiences. Zogby
 dominated the meeting and simply wanted to get his name once more in
 front of the Arab press. Meanwhile, all he had to offer was the silly
 suggestion for concerned persons to call the White House to voice their

 And then weekly, on his ANA TV show, Zogby continually gives his highly
 distorted but always politically-correct versions of Middle Eastern
 problems. He always presents major issues as simply "disputes" or
 "misunderstandings" rather than as fundamental and basic controversies.

 And of course he never admits, or invites anyone else to even discuss,
 that the "Peace of the Brave" is really the "Peace of the Weak", the
 "Peace of the Co-opted". Nor of course does he ever mention the term
 "client-regimes", or invite anyone else who might; nor ever mention the
 terrible human rights and political rights abuses going on in Saudi Arabia,
 Egypt, Jordan, and these days Arafat's "Authority".

 To quote an Arab observer of this ongoing political farce whereby it is Jim
 Zogby, the well-known Arab Uncle Tom, who one continually sees on TV
 "representing" Arab Americans: "Zogby's show is as serious as a cheap
 made-for-TV comedy." But alas, alot of people watch, and a lot of people
 don't know what they are watching.

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